Its all our fault!

The racism of low expectations:

Black kills black. Whites blamed: 

Supreme Court Justice Betty King said ”White Australia should be hanging its head in shame” after details of Hudson’s life were read to the court.

More boats, more deaths. Utter shambles

Andrew Bolt

It’s hard to exaggerate the shambles the Gillard Government has made of border policy:

TWO more asylum-seeker boats have been intercepted in Australian waters amid confusion over the over the fate of almost 100 refugees on board up to two vessels that capsized last week

[One lost boat] boat was believed to be carrying 72 people, with about 14 rescued, at least five drowned and the other 53 missing.

If that’s not good enough for you, you can always blame the Jews:

Jordanian family threatens to kill 10 Israeli tourists in “revenge”

Last week policeman Ibrahim al-Jarrah, aged 27, had been accompanying Israeli tourists to the Ma’in hot springs, close to the Dead Sea, shortly before he was found dead at the site.   Investigations revealed that he simply slipped and hit his head in the rocky spring.  (Elder of Ziyon)