“Just repeat after me and you’re done…”

It was so easy, in fact, that she could do it right then.

“Right now?” asked Pakos as she tried to remain focused on the road.

“All you have to do is repeat it after me,” the woman replied.

Pakos paused briefly, and then began to repeat the words: “There is no God  Allah but God  Allah and Muhammad is his messenger profit.”

Seconds later, even before she parked, it was over. She was officially a Muslim.

Thanks to Mullah

Nichole Hosein, a French teacher in Hamilton, converted from non-practising Christianity to Islam five years ago.

 In other news:

Rich Muslims More Likely to Support Terrorism than Poor Muslims

This should not come as a surprise. Left wing terrorists were also largely drawn from the middle and upper classes. Lenin’s father was a nobleman. Castro’s father owned a plantation.

In the “official worldview”, terrorism is a product of deprivation. The old, “They’re depraved on account of being deprived” cliche. The reality is that’s a myth.   Terrorism not only has nothing to do with poverty, it’s a hobby for the Muslim middle and upper classes. (Gates of Vienna)

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  1. There is no prophit but Muhammad, and allah is his sock-puppet!

    “La Ilaha il Muhammad; allam rasul Muhammad!”

    There is no god but Muhammad; Pain is the messenger of Muhammad!

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