Look who’s coming to Oz!

Will the Premier of Western Australia make a public statement that this scumbag is not welcome in his State? Will Colin Barnett, Juliar Gillard & Tony Abbot and all those Left-Green hate-mongers apologise for their  disgraceful  mis-treatment  of Geert Wilders?

They disgraced themselves and Australia for making such a performance over Geert Wilders’.  A man who is a true friend of Israel, a man who speaks the truth.

Now here’s a guy who hates Israel with a passion and led the convoy from the UK to Israel with dirt buckets like Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth.
(after the Turkish Mavi Mamara flotilla was stopped, Galloway spewed bile towards Israel)
Galloway is from the Scottish Respect party and has no respect at all for the UK or democracy. He hates the U.S. and praises the nuclear ambitions of the Mullah regime in Iran and the gulag of North-Korea.
He also stirs up anti-Israel sentiment in Ireland. Thankfully now a resistence group is starting up.
Galloway is a disgrace to both Scotland and now Britain. If you can, please engage in peaceful but strong opposition.

Can I suggest that you make a huge noise about this impending visit. This guy is a worry. Anti Israel, a proven antisemite and a man who is pro-Islam. (Actually, we are pretty sure he is a convert)

7 thoughts on “Look who’s coming to Oz!”

  1. Let’s see what the ICV has to say, or will they not notice?

    Memories …
    ICV is aware of the impending visit of Geert Wilders to Australia

    The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) holds that any person who enters the country with the intention of causing division and hostility should be significantly criticised.

    Casting suspicion over an integral part of the Australian community for opportunistic political gains is a reprehensible and irresponsible act. …

  2. They won’t do a single thing about this arsehole!
    The screaming musturds will be leaping in joy that yet another supporter has gained freehold entry to Australia without so much as a whimper from the lefty Govt.

  3. The Canadian minister of immigration is the very first government spokesman who made me reach for a dictionary when he called Galloway ” an infandous street corner Cromwell” and prohibited his entry to Canada.

  4. Even us deferential socialist Canadians didn’t let this vile puke come here to spew his fascist vomit when he tried last year. So you have no excuse.

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