Melbourne Uni Gender Apartheid: will Gillard call ‘em for what they are?

Menstruating females to the back, update:

A misogynist is a man who hates women. A goose who hates Tony Abbott  and does nothing about Islamic Gender Apartheid  in Melbourne University  can be surely be described as a misandrist?

There ought to be a blowback:

TONY Abbott has condemned Melbourne University for allowing gender segregation at on-campus Islamic events, branding the practice “a leap back into the dark ages”.

“I just think it’s un-Australian what’s happened here and I can’t understand for a second why Melbourne University would tolerate it,” the Opposition Leader said.

No word yet from Julia Gillard who last year boasted:

When I see sexism and misogyny, I’m gonna call ‘em for what they are.

So Gillard falsely slimes Tony Abbott as a woman-hater, but says nothing when she sees real sexism?

(Andrew Bolt)


Will the ABC promote diversity within Media Watch?

My guess is that it will be  “there will be no diversity on Media Watch under a government I lead”

The ABC is very, very keen on diversity – including of opinion: (as long as its politically correct along the party line spin.)