Misogynists vs Misandrists

Economic dilettante calls opposition leader “crazy, dangerous economic simpleton”

Gillard keeps up the politics of abuse

Andrew Bolt

But if Tony Abbott were to same the same of her, he’d be a misogynist:

JULIA Gillard has lashed out at the Opposition branding its positions on foreign investment and superannuation tax changes, crazy and dangerous and describing Tony Abbott as an “economic simpleton”.

This is the women who promised a surplus this year, ”no ifs, no buts, it will happen”.

In other news:

His colleagues should give Conroy any character reference he wants, just to get rid of him:

How Labor sells its Senate leader

A profile of Communications Ministers Stephen Conroy contains character references from his own colleagues

A senior colleague describes Conroy as ‘’certifiable’’ and another says Conroy has ‘’never used his position of influence to really bring in more new talent into the party’’. Instead, Conroy recruits ‘’just factional hacks … numbers that give [him] support’’.

‘’Once you start going down that path, it damages the party and it damages the national interest,’’ says the colleague, who declines to go on the record.