Moonbats infesting Twitter have revealed the evil mastermind behind the Boston Marathon bombing: Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin Did It

These demented cretins vote, which is how we came by our current leadership. (Moonbattery)

Muslims celebrate with sweets, praise to Allah over Boston bombing

Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others danced and cheered in the streets of Gaza, even passing out cookies and candies upon learning of the death and destruction in Boston, said Israeli News Agency. … (thanks to mullah)

Worst. President. Ever.

After twenty hours Barack Obama finally decided that the bomb blasts yesterday in Boston were terrorist related.  (Just don’t  mention Islam, Islamists, Muslims or jihad!)

Figures… Axelrod: Obama Thinks Boston Bombings Could Be Related to ‘Tax Day’ (GWP)

It figures.

Obama thinks the terrorists are American taxpayers.

Muslim Terror or Not Muslim Terror

We appear to have a Saudi national in custody who was wounded during the attack and we have the police looking for a dark skinned man wearing a backpack.

PHOTOS of SAUDI NATIONAL Person of Interest in Boston Custody

Here is the Facebook page of the Saudi national guarded by federal agents at a Boston hospital.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi

Jihad in Boston?

Islamic supremacist writer Reza Aslan tweeted: “Boston Police: No Arrests Have Been Made In Marathon Bombing so Enough with the Saudi National BS.”

The implication was that if there was no Saudi national in custody, then the bombings were not jihad. The egg was on their faces, however, when it turned out that the New York Post had been right, and that authorities really did have a Saudi national in custody.

Saudi held in Boston terror bombing “smelled of gunpowder”

He said: “I thought there would be a second bomb.”

And they raided a building in his “hometown,” Revere, Massachusetts.

Kerry meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister abruptly closed to press coverage

Could this have to do with the Saudi man who is being held in connection with the Boston terror bombings? “Kerry meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister abruptly closed,” by Josh Gerstein for Politico, April 16: JW.

A meeting Secretary of State John Kerry was to hold with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal was abruptly closed to press coverage Tuesday morning.

Hysteria? Plane brought back to gate at Boston’s airport over men “speaking Arabic”

Hysteria? Maybe. The Arabic-speaking men appear to have worried “concerned marathoners on the flight.” This may be just people being jumpy after the terror attack yesterday — which is one reason why they call them “terror” attacks. “Plane brought back to gate at Logan Airport,” from, April 16


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