Mumbai, Chabad, and Pamela Geller

Mumbai, Chabad, and Pamela Geller by Richard L. Rubenstein

If ever a group had reason to sponsor a lecture by Pamela Geller on “Imposition of Sharia in America,” it was Chabad, and Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky of Chabad of Great Neck (Long Island) is to be commended for having the courage to do so after Ms Geller’s talk was cancelled by the Men’s Club of the Great Neck Synagogue. The statement by the Executive Board of the Great Neck Synagogue does not take a stand on Ms Geller’s thesis but gives expression to its worries:

“In an era of heightened security concerns it is irresponsible to jeopardize the safety of those who call Great Neck Synagogue home, especially our children, even at the risk of diverting attention from a potentially important voice in the ongoing debate.”

Clearly, there were some frightened members who did not want to put their children at risk.  (But Jewish children are always at risk; to succumb to fear does not keep the soldiers of allah from trying to murder them.)

Memories are short but on November 28, 2008, Chabad experienced viciously obscene violence perpetrated by Muslim terrorists against its House in Mumbai. The attack on Chabad House was part of a larger assault against hotels and public buildings throughout Mumbai in which hundreds were killed and wounded. Nevertheless, the small Chabad House, also known as Nariman House, was targeted precisely because it was Jewish. In all, nine Jews were murdered, including Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, on orders of a handler directing the killings from sanctuary within Pakistan. The Mumbai massacre was no emotional outburst, but was coldly and deliberately planned and implemented. Is it any wonder that a Chabad group would want to hear what Ms Geller has to say?

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