Munich: Socialist Traitors Vilify Freedom Fighters as Being “Hostile to the Constitution”

This is monstrous!

Bavarian govt to monitor PI website and political party Die Freiheit

Socialist apparatchiks who have sold out to Muslim Brotherhood operatives are hellbent to criminalise the resistance to rapid Islamisation and the desecration of Munichs inner city with a monstrous mosque. In their effort to prevent the heroic Michael Stürzenberger, who has been braving  multiple attacks by the soldiers of allah and their enablers to collect 30.000 signatures against the project, they are pulling out all the stops. Their latest effort is the involvement of the Verfassungsschutz, which they are trying to turn into what used to be the GESTAPO.

This may  well be a shot that will backfire.

“It is Necessary for This Group to be Scrutinized”

As reported yesterday, Die Freiheit and PI-Munich are now officially under surveillance by the state government of Bavaria as potentially “hostile to the constitution”.

Below is the press conference that was called to announce the government’s decision. Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the transcript and timing, to JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The English Transcript is here, the German one is here:

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00:00 We are concerned beyond this, that — in the right extremist milieu,
00:04 but not only there — harsh hostility to Islam is gaining in significance.
00:11 Right extremists are using the societal discourse,
00:13 for example about the building of mosques,
00:15 to arouse or strengthen prejudices against Muslims or Islam.
00:22 They are trying to use for their own purposes the fact that other segments of the population
00:25 are confronting Islam critically — which is legitimate.
00:30 In my opinion, questions of the equality of man and woman may be discussed.
00:35 But hostility to Islam also takes shape, detached
00:40 from classical right extremist circles,
00:42 to an extent that it is a movement inimical to the constitution.
00:48 Michael Stürzenberger, the spokesman of the Munich PI group,
00:51 took over as chair of the [Bavarian] state section of Die Freiheit party at the beginning of 2012.
00:56 Since then, the state party, which also
00:59 comprises the hard core of the Munich PI group,
01:01 has been using the campaign he initiated at the end of 2012 both for a
01:05 citizens’ initiative against the European Center for Islam in Munich,
01:10 in the internet as well as in [public] events, and
01:12 for generally Islam-hostile propaganda.
01:17 The activities aim to spark general fears of Muslims
01:20 as non-integratable adherents of an ideology
01:24 and to slander all Muslims on the basis of their religion as
01:27 enemies of the constitutional state.
01:30 Thus, freedom of religion, human dignity
01:32 and the principle of equal treatment, as elements
01:35 of our freedom-oriented democratic constitutional order, are damaged.
01:39 To avoid misunderstanding, I say again:
01:43 Naturally is it permitted to be a critic of ZIEM.
01:46 You may ask: “What do we want in this location?”
01:50 There is no question about that. But it is quite clear
01:52 that Stürzenberger is using this subject to ultimately
02:00 to aim a roundhouse blow at Islam.
02:05 The president of the Bavarian office for security
02:07 has therefore ordered the surveillance of the Munich PI group
02:11 and of the Bavarian component of the party Die Freiheit
02:16 Now, for the first time, Die Freiheit, Michael Stürzenberger
02:19 and the Munich PI group are being mentioned.
02:21 Why — this year as in recent years — is the homepage for
02:25 PI-News not in the security report and how…
02:31 So we are at the start of the surveillance.
02:38 The problem is as follows — that the homepage
02:43 can only be named as an object of surveillance
02:48 if the articles which are extremist
02:50 can be attributed to specific groups of people.
02:54 That is the case with the Munich PI group. Here we have
02:59 a specific group of persons which we can assuredly define.
03:05 With Bavarian Freiheit, we also have
03:09 a specific group of persons who are identifiable under this name,
03:15 and operate a corresponding website under this name with these persons.
03:21 This is not true throughout Germany.
03:25 It is a website operated by the most diverse persons,
03:31 some with extremist backgrounds,
03:33 some with non-extremist backgrounds.
03:36 But, the totality of the site, I can, at least now
03:43 at this stage of the procedure, not attribute to a specific
03:46 endeavor a clearly extremist direction.
03:51 We had already discussed it two years ago at the same spot.
03:54 I have a question in the same area:
03:59 That is, Mr. Stürzenberger published a position paper at the end of 2011
04:07 and my question is, to what extent this paper
04:11 was a component of the analysis and led to this result.
04:16 In regard to the paper, so that you know the background:
04:20 in the final points, Mr. Stürzenberger demanded
04:26 that a believing Muslim must either abjure his faith
04:30 or leave the Federal Republic of Germany.
04:35 He later qualified this paper
04:38 and, under external pressure, designated it as not relevant at this time.
04:45 Nonetheless, as the site for Freiheit
04:51 in Bavaria shows — from his basic ideology
04:55 that the life of a believing Muslim
05:00 in a Christian, Western, democratic society
05:03 is not possible — he has not distanced himself.
05:07 Furthermore, he makes a blanket condemnation of Muslims,
05:12 equates Islamism and Islam,
05:15 connects many, many negative characteristics with Islam.
05:22 He regards the Koran especially as
05:25 the most dangerous book in Germany and the world, as he says.
05:28 because he proceeds on the assumption that the Koran is mandatory for the Muslim.
05:35 By selection of very specific
05:41 quotations — I would say by chance or consciously —
05:44 he creates the impression that the Koran compels the individual Muslim
05:49 to confront the Western world as a jihadist.
05:53 This — in view of the constitutionally linked freedom of religion.
05:59 human dignity and equal treatment — we cannot countenance,
06:02 and therefore we consider it necessary for this group to be scrutinized.

Bavaria Classifies Anti-Islam Blog and Party as “Anti-Constitutional”

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Nazis are becoming bolder and more brazen, hostility to Islam is spreading: the Bavarian Interior Ministry classifies two known groups as extremist and thus anti-constitutional, including the party of Michael Stürzenberger.

They spread anti-Islam propaganda and stir up generalised fears about Muslims: now the Bavarian Interior Ministry is classifying the regional association of the party “Die Freiheit” and the local Munich group of the web blog “Politically Incorrect” (PI) as anti-constitutional. Since the end of March, the Regional Office for Protection of the Constitution has been monitoring the two groups, which are closely linked in subject matter and personnel, and has identified a hard core of around five people. The leader is considered to be Michael Stürzenberger, regional chairman of “Die Freiheit”.

During the presentation of the Report on the Protection of the Constitution 2012, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) expressed concern because these anti-Islam activists denigrate all Muslims as enemies of the constitutional state. Since 2012 they have been collecting signatures in Munich for a public petition against the ZIEM mosque project of the Penzberg imam Benjamin Idriz. Herrmann stressed that ordinary criticism of Islam was not considered anti-constitutional. Citizens who signed the petition would not be monitored. According to the director of the Agency for Protection of the Constitution, Burkhard Körner, Bavaria is the first federal state to classify the Islam haters as extremists.

Hostility to Islam is also growing in significance among right-wing extremists, noted Herrmann. Another trend is that the right-wingers often tried to give themselves a civic veneer. More and more often, they founded civic initiatives to tackle local problems.

While the number of acts of right-wing extremist violence rose from 57 in 2011 to 65 in the previous year, the number of right-wing extremists fell from 2450 to 2200.

…In the left-wing extremist scene, which 5000 persons in Bavaria are considered to belong to, the agents for the protection of the constitution note a doubling of violent acts compared to the previous year, amounting to 99 in total.

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  1. islam is … “non-integratable”, but Germany / Europe will continue the doomed attempt to alloy iron with clay, denouncing anyone exposing the folly of the attempt.

  2. Don’t they all!

    A bit like Soros advising Germany on alchemy:

    Soros said Germany faced a stark choice if it wanted to lead Europe out of a crisis largely of its own making: accelerate the process of eurozone integration with the aim of pooling debt and issuing Eurobonds; or leave the euro so that others can issue common debt.

  3. Allah is “Anti-Constitutional”

    (this is unacceptable) Allah, Quran 5:38 “(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS”
    vs. German Constitution Article 2, Paragraph 2 “Everybody has the right to life AND PHYSICAL INTEGRITY”

  4. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the true agenda of “anti-racism” and “multiculturalism” is the re-creation of the Caliphate.

  5. Nazis aren’t hostile to islam – islam inspired Adolf! Islam invented those so-cute yellow armbands with the Magen Davids on them, with which to better identify and humiliate the Jews into Submssion and jizya!

    Besides, it’s almost impossible to pre-judicially slander islam or moslems – any bad statement you might make up about Muhammad, will turn out to have been true all along! I tested this theory on a thuggish friend of mine once, and asked – dared – him to make up something about Muhammad, some insult, that wasn’t true.

    So he said: “OK then – Muhammad butt-fucked dead bodies while wearing little girl’s panties!”

    Astonished at his unsuspected, intimate knowledge of the relevant hadiths, all I could say to him – after I picked my jaw up off the floor was…

    “Yes, absolutely correct. How on earth could you have known that?!”

    When lefties assert that “islam is a religion” ask them this:

    “If you honestly believe islam is a religion, then you must accept their premise that God told Muhammad to order his moslem minions to extort, enslave, and murder everyone like you for him – right?”!


  6. The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.’ — Adolf Hitler (from “The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler”)

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