Muselmaniacs are the real victims of (Islamic) terror

Mustards are the real victims of (Islamic) terror

US Muslims ‘holding their breath’ as Boston investigators hunt for bomber

Muslim American organisations say they fear increased racial profiling if an Islamic link to the marathon attack is established.

Pundits on the far right spreading fear and paranoia that it is inevitably going to be a Muslim. They will want to trigger a backlash, will engage in racial and religious scapegoating. They won’t incite people to violence because they know it is a crime, but they may do everything short of it. All Americans should be on guard not to allow our country to fall pray to that.

“The real question for the Muslim community is what will happen if it does turn out that the suspect is Muslim. What we hope is that Americans can speak to their values that guilt should not be imposed on others who share the same faith.”– We really do hope that all Koranimals will be rounded up and shipped to a Muselmanic desert of their choosing…..

“Anti-racism writer ”  Tim Wise wrote:

“White privilege is knowing that if you are a white student from Nebraska – as opposed to, say, a student from Saudi Arabia – that no one, and I mean no one, would think it important to detain and question you in the wake of a bombing such as the one at the Boston Marathon.”

Muslims Of Calgary Call to Jihad

Pic thanks to central

 – The Jews Have Been The Enemies Of The Ummah Since Allah Began His Call-

What Did I Tell Ya? Calgary cops dismiss hate crime complaint against Muslim website

CALGARY — Complaints that a Calgary Muslim group has been engaged in hate crimes have been dismissed by city police.  Its not hate, its their ‘religion”-(Blazing Cat Fur)

15 thoughts on “Muselmaniacs are the real victims of (Islamic) terror”

  1. NEWSFLASH! “Muzzle’Ems Fear Repercussions From Next Week’s Train Bombings”

  2. Re: the moslems’ alleged false fears of
    “racial and religious scapegoating:”

    Islam is not a race, but its moslems do incite all their members to violence on a regular basis, despite knowing it’s a crime, because they know that Western “authorities” consider such incitements to violence to be crimes only for non-moslems, and so will always give the poor moslems a pass for their “holy” hate-speech and death-threats because those “authorities” really are only racists who do assume the swarthy moslems are really only helpless animals who just can’t help being violent, and so they don’t want to be outed as racists by admitting it!

    Besides, it’s insane to fear a “backlash” against the criminals who commit random crimes of terror against innocents, in stead of fearing further terror from them for encouragng it by pretending to fear the backlash (which has never happened yet, anywhere in the world … except for maybe recently from the Buddhists in Burma – ever!) in stead of addressing the real crimes (moslem terror) themselves!

  3. @Me88:

    Women in islam are considered to be domesticated animals, deficient in intelligence, which exist only for the sexual pleasure of men, which is why their testimony is only worth half that of a man’s.

    -Muhammad, bandit-king, extortionist, arsonist, rapist and pedophile-


  4. Really? Because I just got out of my college class that my husband supports me in and pays for. Yeah, I’m really just chattel. & that’s why Muslims say that “Heaven is at your mother’s feet.” Because they hate women, right? Sure.

  5. All of the Muslim women that I know are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and engineers. Yeah, they’re so uneducated. Your totally right.

  6. Are you pretending I made up those Qur’anic and ahadith quotes, liar?!

    “Paradise is under the shade of my spear!”

    -Muhammad, extoritonist and bandit-king-


  7. Yeah, that’s fake, lol. You’re pathetic. The hadith states “Heaven is at the feet of your mother.” There’s no such thing as what you’re saying. So, you have to make stuff up, lol.

  8. It’s so funny when Muslims actually quote the Quran and hadith and all you haters can do is make stuff up, hoping that people won’t do their own research.

  9. & you’re not hurting my feelings by calling the greatest man ever, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, names. You’re just making yourself look stupid. When someone is actually educated, haters could talk until the end of time, but the educated person knows what’s true.

  10. As Muhammad put it: “My sustenance is under the shade of my spear, and he who disobeys my orders will be humiliated by paying Jizya” (another translation: “My provision has been placed under the shadow of my spear, and abasement and humility have been placed on the one who disobeys my command.”) The hadith has been quoted by al-Qaeda and is found in the original version of Bukhari and Ahmad (5114 or 4869, depending on the translation).

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