Muselmanic plea for sharia: “we need stoning and head chopping as a deterrent”

 Stop the Cartoons [About Sharia]!

“Muslims don’t want everyones hand cut off, Muslims don’t want everyone to be stoned….” (Hamza Tzortzis)

“Sharia inevitable”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) posted unbelievable video  of Islamists rallying in England a little over one week ago to protest the French intervention in Mali.

The chants of the Islamists, though, appear to target the West in its entirety.  Far from objecting to French foreign policy, the speakers repeatedly threaten that an Islamic caliphate will begin in Africa and the Middle East, but will eventually spread to “the whole world.”

“We will not stop as Muslims until the whole world is governed by Islam,” one man says evenly and calmly.

In that case we will see a lot more people like this:

Mali victims of basic Islam 101, thanks to TT:

7 thoughts on “Muselmanic plea for sharia: “we need stoning and head chopping as a deterrent””

  1. 1. oh well, it’s olllrrright then…they don’t cut off the hands, feet and heads of EVERYONE.

    2. he forgot to say WHO comits all those pack rapes in the West. (hinthint: immigraaaaaaaaaation)

  2. # Funny, that’s not what MY Bible says.

    It’s more from Cabaret:

    The morning will come
    When the world is mine
    Tomorrow belongs to me

    (appeasement didn’t work then either)

  3. The caliphate will be formed for Muslims by us, as it is the first step in the creation of a viable opponent for the West. Once that happens, and Turkey it’s leader, it will be forced out of NATO.

    Then will come the economic. educational, and immigration blockades. Without help from the West, Muslims in Islamic countries will starve. Riots, revolutions one after the other, and then the final collapse of Islam.

    9/11 will prove to be the end of Islam.

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