Never let a good crisis go to waste: Obuma declares war on pressure cookers!

News updates:

Hussein Obama will attend  an interfaith service Thursday in Boston dedicated to three people killed and more than 170 injured in the attacks on the city’s marathon.

Remarkable and distressing photographs  (Tim Blair)

Not so white and not so rich:

One of the deceased is a Chinese student. ABC should publish an apology to the Chinese government and take Trioli out with the trash.  Sack her or put her on a boat to the Middle East.

“… it seems to me where we are overly focusing on what happens to rich white people in the West”– ABC’s Virginia Trioli on  SURVIVORS

Only one religion celebrates when innocent people are murdered.  (TROP)

Boston Bomber “Inspired” by Recipe in Al Qaeda Rag?

There’s no way of knowing who’s responsible for yesterday’s attack. But the fact that the bombs were whipped up from ordinary pressure cookers is rather intriguing: (Scaramouche)

Obama Slashed Bombing Prevention Budget in Half

Figures. Obama Increased Budget By a Trillion Dollars But Cut in Half Domestic Bombing Prevention

In his defense, sending more money to the Muslim Brotherhood had to come out of someone’s budget. It just had to be DHS which was wasting money trying to stop bombings that could have gone to buying jets for the Brotherhood.    – Let’s just call the policy non-optimal.

Obuma People

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt: Drunk, Breaking Sharia Law, and Saying Jews Rule the World?

Sending women and homosexual ambassadors to Islamic shiiteholes is both stupid and counterproductive, unless the “real ambassador” is the CIA station chief.  Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait was supposedly the product of a female US ambassador’s incompetent fine grasp of the situation leading up to it.  (Simus via BCF)

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson

Sounds like BS:

The U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, is being accused of some outlandish behavior and remarks. Last week, several Egyptian papers and websites, including Al Dostor, reported that Dia’ al-Din al-Garahi, a human rights lawyer and president of the Justice Center for Freedoms and Media, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General accusing Patterson “of libel and defamation of the Egyptian people and making statements that are likely to disturb society and threaten Egypt’s security.”

According to Report 935 of the Attorney General, “the American Ambassador, after drinking alcohol in contradiction to Islamic Sharia law, said that she rules Egypt and that the Egyptian people are under her authority, that she controls them like a puppet, and that the Egyptian people have no idea of what is transpiring around them.”

The report further adds, citing one Dr. Latif Shaker, a Palestinian writer living in America, that the U.S. ambassador had earlier said that “the Jews will return to Egypt in 2013 and that they are the masters of the earth”; that “Egypt will go bankrupt during this year and Egyptians will turn to the United States to save them from famine and poverty.” The report further accuses Patterson of saying that “the land of Egypt belongs to the Jews, for it was theirs originally,” and that “the Jews were kicked out of Egypt after building the pyramids and DNA analysis reveals that King Tut was a Jew.”

Apparently the Palestinian Shaker’s claims were made earlier this year, for the following press release appears on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo website:

Statement on Falsehoods in the MediaOnline and media reports claiming that the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Anne W. Patterson, made statements to the website of the Israeli newspaper Maariv asserting that Israel has the right to Egyptian land are completely false. The Ambassador has never conducted an interview with Maariv and never made any of the reported statements. We encourage journalists to call our press office (which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to check the facts about U.S. Government policies, activities and statements before publishing stories about the United States.

Regardless, the accusations—which certainly seem to fit the “war is deceit” paradigm—have now been formally filed with Egypt’s Attorney General and only time will tell what, if anything, will come of it.

Raymond Ibrahim is author of the soon to be released, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians