“Nobody is illegal”

They attack Tony Abbott for using the phrase: 

LEGAL experts have challenged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s assertion it is ‘’illegal’’ for asylum seekers to arrive by boat in Australia.

Illegal after all, even if I can’t say so  (Andrew Bolt)

There’s more:

“Every single person on this planet has the right to have what you have.”

That is, wealth must be coercively redistributed until no one has more of anything than anyone else. The implications of this statement should make any intelligent person shudder in horror.

We need to know this type of report so that it can be stopped.

The sad thing about this is that when Ipswich flooded none of those residents was allowed to go to the air force base, it was considered too risky.

Keep in mind that no one lives on Amberley base these days, but has huge amounts of accommodation, an officer’s mess kitchen ( now unused) a movie theatre, could have helped with the kids.

Endless source of water, electricity and room for vehicles…

But NO, they were not allowed to go there, but Muslims that have disrespected our Air Force base in Weipa are allowed to stay.

WHAT IS GOING ON in this country?

Three hundred boat people have been housed at RAAF Sherger Air Base in Weipa.

All are being accepted into Australia .

All are men.

All receive the pension same as our pensioners – all get the same amount again for hardship payment – this equals twice what our pensioners get.

All receive fifty dollars a day for spending money.

Security staff employed to watch them.

Chefs employed to feed them (one quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is cooked).

They won’t pick up their own rubbish.

There was a massive dispute because they didn’t like the radio station.

Another dispute because batteries were flat for the Nintendo games.

Tents set up for mosque prayers had to be air conditioned.

The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger adequately are now dry because taps are left running all day long.

Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (???) supplied to them (and all of them are men remember)

Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants Dept of Defence to pay all the bills so they can hide the costs of allowing three hundred refugees into the country from taxpaying Australians.

Australia needs to know.

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  1. “Illegal immigrants” are NOT “immigrants” at all, nor are they “citizens” (at all, much less merely “undocumented” ones); they are only criminal TRESPASSERS!

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