Obama can’t be Muslim because he said he’s a Christian (Part I)

But everything he does furthers the cause of Islam:

Pamela Geller:

Why did the Obama Administration Rush to Shut Up the Boston Jihad Bomber?

Boston jihad bomber clams up after being read Miranda rights 32 hours before it was required

Bravo, Obama. Bravo, Holder. Once again you have aided and abetted the cause of jihad: the public safety exception to Miranda lasts 48 hours, and these investigators only had 16 hours.

Report: Mirandizing Boston Jihad Bomber Compromised Investigation, Dzhokhar Stopped Cooperating

  • Mirandizing Dzokhar Compromised Investigation Breitbart, April 25, 2013

He also likes to  have his people in the white house:

Meanwhile, Mooch visits a  “student” in hospital who is a member of a well known Sowdi Barbarian terror family:

Here are a couple of new points:


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  1. The American government – like America – is owned by their Saudomite oil-masters. After all, G W Bush’s best bud was Bandar “Bush” Bin Sultan, too.


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