Obama Proposes Arming Muslim Brotherhood in Somalia

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“A 44 year old Somali man has been found guilty by the court in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) for raping his own 11 year old daughter. He is sentenced to two years and six months in jail. On top he will be deported from Denmark and never allowed to return to Denmark.”

Obama Proposes Arming Muslim Brotherhood in Somalia (But don’t worry, he’s a Christian. He said so!)

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 13, 2013 In The Point |

Why settle for just arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria?

Obama decided this week that the Muslim Brotherhood-linked regime ruling parts of Somalia out of the capital city Mogadishu is eligible to receive U.S. military aid and weapons, sending a memo to Secretary of State John Kerry announcing the new finding and laying the ground work for even more foreign entanglements in Africa.

The Obama administration formally recognized the Muslim Brotherhood-linked regime of Somali “President” Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in January — the first time a U.S. administration has officially recognized a Somali “government” since 1991.

Providing military assistance to the Somali government is in the interest of U.S. national security, President Barack Obama said in a memorandum.

Obama issued a notice to Secretary of State John Kerry noting his position on arms exports to Somalia.

“I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to the Federal Republic of Somalia will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace,” Obama’s memo stated.

Giving weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood is bound to promote world peace. How could it not?


But wait, there’s more:

World Bank “Geniuses” Come Up With a “Brilliant” Plan for Getting Rid of Somali Pirates: Get the Country’s Piratocracy to Pitch In  (Saramouche)

And to think that people get paid big bucks to come up with stuff like this:

The World Bank says the only way to end piracy off Somalia’s coast is to create a viable Somali state.

Marvellous! Lets reward the pirates for their crimes and built them a state!


Jihad in Somalia: Islamic jihadists murder seven in jihad attack on court complex

Claiming the promise of Paradise given by Allah to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111).

“Somalia: 16 killed in Islamic extremist assault on courthouse,” by Abdi Guled and Jason Straziuso for The Associated Press, April 14:

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—Nine al-Shabab Islamic extremists, most wearing suicide vests, stormed Somalia’s main court complex on Sunday while the Supreme Court was in session, firing a barrage of bullets during a running gun battle with security forces that lasted two hours, officials said.

In a report Thursday, the World Bank says delivering essential services to the entire country, reducing poverty, and creating opportunity are keys to ending the problem.

The report notes Somali pirates have pulled in an average of more than $50 million per year in ransom payments since 2005.

Pirate activity has dropped sharply over the past two years but the report says it continues to affect the economies of neighboring countries – particularly in the areas of tourism and fishing exports.

The report says current anti-piracy measures such as international naval patrols and armed guards on ship are costly and may not be sustainable.

The report notes that Somali pirates rely heavily on onshore support from government officials, business people, clan elders, militias and local communities in order to secure regular access to the coast where they keep their hijacked ships.

Senior World Bank economist Quy Toan-Doy says that any long term solutions will involve forging a political contract with local power holders.

Um, you mean the ones who prop up the pirates and benefit in a big way from the piracy? Yeah, that ought to work.