Obama: all your voting booths are belong to us!

Obama Teaches Youth to Budget Responsibly

At least he has a sense of humor. No one could be so oblivious to their own catastrophic failures; he must be doing this for sick laughs: (Moonbattery)

White House, Black Flag:

“Islam’s flag will be raised above the White House” (JW)

No doubt about it. The MuBro’s are already in the house:

 Obamster tries to “nationalize” elections

Obama signed an Executive Order Thursday establishing a Presidential Commission to deal with “election administration” that critics say is an attempt to nationalize the country’s elections for partisan advantage. 


Civilization in Decline

The ignorance of the New York Times about a mainstay of Western culture is a warning of a civilisation in decline:

America’s supposed “newspaper of record” has just announced itself to the world as civilizationally illiterate.–Mark Steyn

Discarded CBS Grumbles as Obama Regime Produces Its Own Propaganda

The leftists running the “mainstream” media put Obama in power and then got him reelected despite his dismal performance, leaving him free to discard them like the cheap whores they are. He has his own personal media now, which he can trust not to relapse into professionalism. The servile Obamunist toadies at CBS are beginning to resent it:

Capitalizing on the possibilities of the digital age, the Obama White House is generating its own content like no president before, and refining its media strategies in the second term in hopes of telling a more compelling story than in the first.  (Moonbattery)