Obumbler Nation

“It’s not up to the teacher to determine what the Constitution means.”

Commies been telling students for years that the Constitution is a “living document.”

Connecticut school is teaching students that Americans don’t have a right to bear arms. Did the Marxist Teachers Unions repeal the second amendment without telling us?

Its cool to be a ‘birther’

Soros-Funded Media Matters Targets Fox News For Failing to Discredit Navy SEAL As Birther

Soros funded Media Matters is upset with Fox for reporting on Benghazi and pulling the “birther” label in an effort to silence the truth. According to Media Matters, the Benghazi topic should not be open to discussion due to the fact that a retired Navy Seal is an admitted “birther.”  (GWP)

The second problem is Benghazi and clearly this is something Obama wishes would go away.

Liar-In-Chief: Bill Ayers Confirms Obama’s Explosive Career Started In His Living Room

When it came to the question of whether or not Obama launched his political career in the living room of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Liar-In-Chief Obama had his minister of bullish!t, Robert Gibbs, tell the American people that it wasn’t true.

Now we learn from the terrorist himself that Obama is a lying sack of crap, and that he indeed did launch his political career from the living room of a man wanted for questioning in the death of a San Francisco police officer.

A recent Daily Beast article has more (GWP)

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