Obummer’s definition of ‘terrorism’ is very Islamic

From the Kos kids, who (still) think that the Marxist Muslim in the white house is the best invention since sliced bread:

8:33 AM PT: Obama also pointed out that anytime a bomb is used to attack citizens in a public arena, it is an act of terror, which apparently some folks yesterday (all on the right, of course) were confused about.

No. We are not confused. We know that Hussein Obama is not one of us. He is one of them.

Boston Marathon suspects video

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur. And from the FBI site Photographs

Yes, there is collusion and complicity:

‘Not Worthy of an Answer?’

Janet Napolitano responds to report of deportation for former ‘person of interest’: ‘Not worthy of an answer’

UPDATE: ICE denies that al-Harbi is being deported.

She did not actually say he was not being deported. She didn’t answer the question at all. “Janet Napolitano Responds to Report of Deportation for Former ‘Person of Interest’: ‘Not Worthy of an Answer,’” by Madeleine Morgenstern for The Blaze, April 18 (thanks to iOwnTheWorld)

A pattern repeated:

Muslims celebrate with sweets, praise to Allah over Boston bombing

Here is a good summary piece about the only group of people anywhere in the world who are celebrating the Boston bombings: “Muslims celebrate with sweets, praise to Allah over Boston bombing,” by Janeen Capizola at BizPac Review, April 16:

5 thoughts on “Obummer’s definition of ‘terrorism’ is very Islamic”

  1. obama is on the side of the islamists anyway, he will blame the USA for giving them too little…

  2. So far it doesn’t look like the bombers were “White Americans.” This must upset Obama and his leftist buddies. They could have a field day on blaming Whitey for all the problems in the USA.


  3. @laisa142

    The left believe if they cover their ears, squeeze their eyes shut and speak loud enough they can pretend in a nonexistent diversity.

    Be proud of the charges placed upon you, because at least you have the wisdom and prudence to recognized danger when there is smoke.

    Let the apologist fools face reality the hard way. Just pray that you are very far away when it happens.

    @Seamus, Yep. You could just hear them chanting, Let it be a Right wing nut, over and over.

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