OIC-run UN demands Germany enforces sharia law against Thilo Sarazzin

Germany has been criticized by the “Anti-Racism Committee of the United Nations” because it  didn’t enforce Islamic blasphemy law against Thilo Sarrazin’s “controversial remarks” about  Turks and Arabs.  What the German  prosecutor’s office  dismissed as an expression of free speech has been classified on the international level as “racism”.   (Islam is not a race!)  Failure  to instigate  criminal investigations against Sarazzin constitutes a breach of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, according to the Committee. The committee insisted that it was not sufficient to declare racial discrimination to be wrong, but to take effective measures to punish offenders. According to the Islamic enforces of the UN, the government of Germany is obliged to protect its minorities Muslims from incitement to racial hatred.  [more in German]

Here’s a list of the illustrious members cretins behind the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD):

Mr. Noureddine AMIR (Vice-Chairperson) Algeria
Mr. Alexei S. AVTONOMOV (Chairperson) Russian Federation
Ms. January BARDILL South Africa
Mr. José Francisco CALI TZAY (Vice-Chairperson) Guatemala
Ms. Anastasia CRICKLEY (Rapporteur) Ireland
Ms. Fatimata-Binta Victoria DAH Burkina Faso
Mr. Ion DIACONU Romania
Mr. Kokou Mawuena Ika Kana (Dieudonnè) EWOMSAN Togo
Mr. Régis de GOUTTES France
Mr. HUANG Yong’an China
Mr. Anwar KEMAL Pakistan
Mr. Dilip LAHIRI (Vice-Chairperson) India
Mr. Gün KUT Turkey
Mr. José Augusto LINDGREN ALVES Brazil
Mr. Pastor Elias MURILLO MARTINEZ Colombia
Mr. Waliakoye SAIDOU Niger
Mr. Patrick THORNBERRY United Kingdom
Mr. Carlos VAZQUEZ United States of America

Thilo Sarazzin should wear it as a badge of honour  to have such a reprehensible bunch of criminals, thieves and murderers as his enemies. Germany needs to urgently get rid of its Lobby Turks in Berlin.

4 thoughts on “OIC-run UN demands Germany enforces sharia law against Thilo Sarazzin”

  1. Wait. Didn’t Sarrazin’s make these comments years ago?

    Why go after him now? The UN has proven long ago that it is a farce, the German prosecutor’s office did the right thing.

  2. Did he criticize the Arabs and Turks BECAUSE they were MOSLEMS, or just because of their race (breed or ethnicity, really: Turks or Arabs)?!

    It’s important he identified the real cause of their evil ( their ISLAMic indoctrination) and that he didn’t actually blame their “race” for it.

    If he’s just a dumb racist, then he deserves to be smacked down for it.

  3. Ahah. According to his Wiki, “The Central Council of Jews in Germany has strongly criticized Sarrazin, condemning him as racist.”

    And yet, he had only criticized ISLAM: “No other religion in Europe makes so many demands. No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime. No group emphasizes their differences so strongly in public, especially through women’s clothing. In no other religion is the transition to violence, dictatorship and terrorism so fluid.”

    and THEREFORE the Turks and Arabs, truthfully stating that, culturally:

    he described many Arab and Turkish immigrants as unwilling to integrate. He said, among other things:

    “Integration requires effort from those that are to be integrated. I will not show respect for anyone that is not making that effort. I do not have to acknowledge anyone who lives by welfare, denies the legitimacy of the very state that provides that welfare, refuses to care for the education of his children and constantly produces new little headscarf-girls. This holds true for 70 percent of the Turkish and 90 percent of the Arab population in Berlin.”



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