Oman: “Zionist termites” spotted!

Oman’s “Social Mosaic Polluted”

Times of Oman editorial denies Holocaust; calls critics “Zionist termites”

So far we’ve seen  Zionist vultures,  squirrels, and Zionist pigeons, and Zionist rats, and Zionist sharks, and even sexually predatory Zionist cats. Now we got Zionist termites, who would have thought?

A March 27 editorial by  Debasish Mitra, opinion editor at the Times of Oman:

“World would be a better place without Israel”

A Western blogger in Oman, who blogs about tons of topics, was offended by this obvious anti-semitism.

Mitra, quite literally, freaked out at this “Zionist” criticism:

They have been lurking in the shadows and their plan was to corrode society in Oman from within, like termites in wood works. They are the Zionist zealots who have been living like parasites in the Sultanate running blogs that, more than anything else, seek to justify the atrocities Israel has been perpetrating —sans remorse— against the humanity in general, and Palestinians in particular.  These termites, nay Zionist virus, have recently been exposed, caught red-handed in their attempts to contaminate people’s minds, polluting Oman’s social mosaic. Their sinister design to malign Arabs and muffle voices that expose Israeli shenanigans now lie completely stripped of all camouflages.

I fear for that blogger.  In Oman, those with perspectives critical of the governments are often arrested. in spite of this:

“The suppression of ideas and thought is a major sin, and we will never allow anyone to stifle freedom of thought.” (His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said)

Another Western blogger in Oman notes something funny, but hey, be sure to read it all:   “Zionist termites” (from the Elder of Ziyon)

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  1. What atrocities? The Jews are fighting back when they are attacked over and over since 1948. Is that the atrocities? Or might it be to point out the barbarism of Islam and the Arabs in general. E.G. the death toll in Syria to date is around 90,000 far greater than all the wars fought against Israel since 1948.

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