Omar Bakri threatens revenge, Warsi babbles stupidly about “Islamophobia”, another headbanger threatens more attacks…

Diversity!  Don’t you feel enriched by these valuable Muslim contributions to civilisation?

Omar Bakri Mohamed threatens the West

From Dutch News: Omar Bakri, leader of Sharia for Europe movements, speaks about his lust for ‘revenge’ on the unbeliever.

Egyptian Salafi Cleric Murgan Salem:

Boston Bombing Was Meant to Deliver a Message; Similar Attacks Expected in France  (MEMRI-TV)

But the real problem is…”Islamophobia”….

….and David Cameron’s dhimmi government of once great Britain  employs  curry princess Warsi to tackle it. As if the metrosexual geek from al BeBeeCeera is not creepy enough; to hear this Hizb-ut connected Paki turd quack in flawless English gives me the creeps:

But we all know the Jews did it!

Of course. Who else? And this guy is not a lone nut, either. Jew-Hating Conspiracy Paranoia Update: “Sudan Friday Sermon: Israel Behind Boston Bombings, Iran Earthquake,” from MEMRI, April 19:

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Sheik Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri, which aired on April 19, 2013:Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: The most important political events of the week were the Boston earthquake and the Texas earthquake, which joined it yesterday… Or rather, the bombings in Boston and in Texas, as well as the Iran earthquake. In short, the peculiar thing is that no one knows who is behind these events. Even President Obama said: “We do not know who did this or why.” Iran, too, does not know who caused the earthquake.


People know who is responsible for earthquakes. It is God. But now there are allegations that this earthquake was artificial. The so-called “earthquake-war” has begun. The industrialized countries have the capacity to make bombs that impact the Earth’s crust and core, causing earthquakes. It is even said that the tsunami that raised the waves, causing thousands of deaths, was, in fact, an experiment in that weapon.


This earthquake had two goals: first, to [prevent] the Russians from officially handing over the Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran within a month’s time. The West does not want this to happen.


They wanted to destroy the new gas pipeline [from Iran to Pakistan], along with the [Bushehr] nuclear plant. There is also the issue of promoting the sale of gas masks. These expired gas masks, meant to protect people from nuclear gases, have recently been sold in the Gulf. The fourth goal is to sow fear in the Gulf region, where the earthquakes were heard. They want to make these people scared of the Iranian nuclear plant, and to ignite a regional Sunni-Shiite war, a war between Iran and its neighbors.


To this we should add the bombings in America. Now they are saying that the bombs were placed in “primitive” pots. Why would anyone in the U.S. need to resort to nails and pressure cookers to make a bomb? You can find any type of weapon there and simply buy it. Why did they say “primitive”? I don’t have time to read you the quotation. They said that the bomb was “primitive,” in order to direct the blame at one of us in the Third World.


When North Korea stopped manufacturing buses, it started making nuclear warheads. Today, North Korea poses a threat to America. America might be drawn into an historic war, a war between Communism and capitalism. This is precisely what Israel does not want. Israel wants the war to be between America and the “primitive” Arabs, and that is why the bombs were “primitive.”

I have said that the [9/11] Manhattan bombings were meant to transform America from a country to an empire, and that it is, indeed, what happened. Now, they do not want this empire to expand, and to revive the Cold War – this time with North Korea and the Asian countries. No, they want America to continue to defend Israel.

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  1. Well if the Jooz have the technology to create earthquakes, then do us all a favour and wipe Iran and Turkey off the face of the earth for ever.

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