Ostraya: Pathetic and Graceless

Just a spick of dirt on Thatchers shoe

Gillard vs Thatcher, as pygmies dance on the grave of a giant.

Another Labor MP smears Thatcher now she’s dead

Bob Carr defames a dead woman by framing an important warning as merely “racist”, adding the word “Asian” to take personal offence, and dodging altogether the real argument: Thatcher a racist? No, Carr a fraud

Labor is such class.

It waits until Margaret Thatcher is dead before the foreign minister smears her as a racist, and Tasmanian Labor Minister David O’Byrne vilifies her for daring to fight to liberate British territory:

 One a leader, the other just a woman #$@*!&

She possessed integrity. She had a clear sense of herself. She scarcely possessed what is known today as a “media strategy”. She rarely uttered words for effect. She cared about substance. She sought power for a purpose. Having attained it, she knew how to use it.– In politics to do what she said. No spin, just principles

JULIA Gillard’s tribute to Margaret Thatcher tells the story – the difference between a great prime minister and just a female one a Fabian hack.

Convicts Welcome

Question is,  how do we get rid of them:

NOW that even Australia isn’t good enough for these “asylum seekers”, can we stop pretending they’re fleeing danger?

The boat that dropped into Geraldton this week blew the whistle on the farce.  (Bolt)

The 66 Sri Lankans on board are not fleeing a country torn by civil war, but leaving a democracy at peace.

Importing misery

  • More like importing trash.

They were also in a boat that could have taken them to several countries closer to home, including India, where they would have been safe.

But even Australia wasn’t to their liking. As their boat bobbed in Geraldton harbour, they held up a banner , “We want to go to New Zealand”. No doubt they’d heard the Gillard Government has lately sent back around 1000 Sri Lankan boat people – almost one in seven of those who’ve come since the start of last year.

They’d probably figured their own claims to be “refugees” wouldn’t fly, given their boat was donated by Deutsche Bank after the tsunami, suggesting they weren’t being hunted in Sri Lanka but helped. So next stop, Wellington.

This isn’t what you’d expect from people who could prove they were in fear of their lives and in need of our help. It is, instead, what you’d expect from …

Well, here’s the problem. The Press Council instructs journalists to avoid calling boat people “illegal immigrants”, which hinders a frank debate on the cause of the explosion in boat arrivals from three a year under John Howard to almost two a day under Julia Gillard.

We’re being gamed.

In fact, Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor was wrong yesterday to claim the Geraldton boat was the first in five years to arrive on the mainland.

False. A boat of 10 Chinese “asylum seekers” dropped into Darwin last year, also en route to New Zealand.

But while New Zealand is looking a better bet for illegal immigrants – oops! – Australia is still the biggest magnet, being closer . And we’re a magnet, it seems, not so much because we offer safety but because we promise wealth and welfare, and are – still – an easy touch for people I can’t call “illegal immigrants”.

What Thatcher Did


Tim Blair – Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lefty kids bust out the party moves:

The Students’ Council of University of Melbourne Student Union passed a motion this afternoon to ‘celebrate unreservedly’ the death of Margaret Thatcher. 

That’s how the left operates. They actually require a vote on unreserved celebration. And the high point of festivities for these earnest little droids? They’ve …

… asked for the a screening of Ken Loach’s documentary film Which side are you on? to ‘continue the celebration’.

Nothing screams “FUN!” like a 29-year-old commie film about British coal miners. Hey, kids – if you want to keep the party going, here’s a 34-minute Nicola Roxon speech on constitutional reform. Knock yourselves out. Still on olden days, Ian McEwan – no great Thatcher fan – recalls dreary pre-Margaret Britain:

If today’s Guardian readers time-travelled to the late 70s they might be irritated to discover that tomorrow’s TV listings were a state secret not shared with daily newspapers. A special licence was granted exclusively to the Radio Times. (No wonder it sold 7m copies a week). It was illegal to put an extension lead on your phone. You would need to wait six weeks for an engineer. There was only one state-approved answering machine available. Your local electricity “board” could be a very unfriendly place. Thatcher swept away those state monopolies in the new coinage of “privatisation” and transformed daily life in a way we now take for granted.

Privatisation of state-owned communications monopolies, in Britain and elsewhere, created a massive market for new technologies. For an authentic anti-Thatcher celebration, those Melbourne University funsters might want to burn their iPhones.

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  1. Gillard’s comments outed her once and for all as a sexist. (“only quality of Baroness Thatcher : she was a WOMAN prime minister).

    As to Bob Carr and ,what John Brogden once referred to as “his mail-order bride”: he is such a Jew Hater that I sometimes suspect his being “embedded” with the UN islamists refers to more than his politics.

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