Pal Arabs start construction on “Joooos Stole Our Land Museum”

With your taxpayer money, of course:

Your tax dollars at work: $20 million “Palestine Museum”

BIRZEIT, West Bank (AP) — The Fakestinians have started construction in the West Bank of what organizers say will be the world’s largest museum devoted to their (manufactured)  history. (Scaramouche has more)

The major funder is called “The Welfare Association.” Despite its universal sounding name, it is dedicated solely to Palestinian Arab projects.

Its money comes from “the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, World Bank, EU, Islamic Development Bank, Arab Monetary Fund, Kuwait Fund, AGFUND, Ford Foundation, and the governments of Austria, Canada, France, Italy, and Switzerland, among others.”– (EoZ)


Chinese Delegation Visits Hizbullah Museum in Lebanon

Here’s the MEMRI Transcript:

Apparently, the West has become so enamored with the Palestinian Arab cause that it believes that propagating the PalArab national myth is worth millions of Western dollars. Yet as we saw recently, the Palestinian Arabs knowingly push this myth not only to achieve a unity that has eluded Arab residents of Palestine for centuries, but also to actively battle against the undeniable facts of Jewish culture in the same land. (In this case, it looks more like they want to subsume Jewish culture rather than deny it altogether.)

It is highly questionable whether it is appropriate for the West to spend so much money and effort to build a national myth for a nation they want desperately to exist. (How much Western money is earmarked for Kurdish or Armenian culture?)

It far worse, however, when that same money is being used deliberately to erase or marginalize the culture of a real nation that has existed for thousands of years.


In other news:

An anti-Jewish political initiative disguised as a cultural festival to celebrate the culture of the Bedouins:

Ma’an (Arabic) reports on a spring festival scheduled to take place in in Ramadeen, near Hebron, to celebrate the culture of the Bedouins. It will showcase foods, costumes and customs of the Bedouin people.

The PA government is sponsoring this festival.


The article explains the reason specifically: not because there is any love of the Bedouin culture in Ramallah, but because this festival helps fight the idea that Jews have anything to do with the area.