Perverts R’Us

Straight is not an option  (Andrew Bolt)

The Greens’ National Youth Survey declares that being heterosexual is not an option:

Makes you realise how Bob Brown’s alien civilisations finally extincted themselves….

As usual, the US of A is always one step ahead:

Incensed that the Boys Scouts would dare protect children from homosexual predators, the leftists running California have declared war:

California Bureaucrats Target Boy Scouts

California lawmakers are considering taking some tax exemptions away from youth groups that do not accept gay, transgender or atheist members — a move intended to pressure the Boy Scouts of America to lift its ban on gay Scouts and troop leaders.

By “gay,” they mean aggressively, loudly homosexual. Private perversions are not an issue here. The idea is to force the Boy Scouts to let perverts who want everyone to know they are perverts take children out in the woods. (Moonbattery)