“Radical Buddhists”

“Radical Buddhists fuelling persecution of Muslim minority”

Who paid Lindsay Murdoch from the Sydney Moonbat Herald to write this trash?

SMH  journaillie is so full of shiite it hurts your head:

Radical monk: The Venerable Wirathu, who has branded Muslims as "the enemy".

Radical monk: The Venerable Wirathu, who has branded Muslims as “the enemy”. Photo: AFP

A shadowy anti-Muslim movement known as 969 is spreading throughout central Myanmar, threatening the country’s historic democratic transition.

Islam threatens everyone, not only Myanmar’s historic democratic transition.


Pamphlets, stickers, DVDs and internet postings are spreading hatred towards the country’s Muslim minority following violence last month that left 43 people dead and turned Muslim neighbourhoods in central Myanmar to ashen ruins.

The surge in so-called Islamophobia has emerged as a major challenge for Myanmar’s reformist government with President Thein Sein calling for his country to learn from the violence during a speech marking the start of a four-day New Year festival.

Muslims, who account for an estimated 4 per cent of Myanmar’s 60 million people, have mostly lived peacefully alongside Buddhists for generations.

That is absolute BS.

But Nyunt Maung Shein, president of the Islamic Religious Affairs Council, said all Muslims are now worried about their future: “How can we live in a Buddhist society? Why are we so miserable that our men and women, children and students are brutally killed?

“Muslims are scapegoats in this transition period from the brutal junta.”

Not. Muslims are genocidal zombies who intend to wipe out the Buddhists. They just don’t like blowback.

Buddhists led by influential monks are behind the movement which encourages Buddhists to boycott the businesses of Muslims.

Radical monks who were at the forefront of Myanmar’s pro-democracy movement are widely viewed with reverence.

The three numbers refer to various attributes of the Buddha, his teachings and the monkhood.

One of the movement’s leaders is Mandalay-based monk Wiseitta Biwuntha – better known as the Venerable Wirathu – who has branded Muslims as the “enemy” and accused them of being responsible for Myanmar’s crimes.

The Venerable Wirathu, who describes himself as a “Burmese bin Laden”, was sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2003 for instigating anti-Muslim riots but was freed last year in an amnesty with hundreds of other political prisoners.

“We have a slogan: When you eat, eat 969, when you go, go 969, when you buy, buy 969,” he told a journalist last month.

The Venerable Wirathu began giving a series of controversial 969 speeches four months ago but has not been stopped by Burmese authorities. “My duty is to spread this mission,” he said.

The 969 stickers are increasingly visible in shop windows, taxis and homes in the country’s biggest cities Yangon and Mandalay, which have Muslim minorities of up to 20 per cent, residents say.


There is no such thing as “Rohingya”, they are Paki & Bangla Muslims who somehow managed to infiltrate and settle in Burma, some of them third and fourth generation  just like the Fakestinians in Israel.

Their one and only purpose in life is the hijra, migration in the way of Muhammad to make Buddhist land Islamic.

They must be resettled in Pakistan or Banglatrash from whence they came.


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  1. Here is a bit more information on the Rohingya hoax.
    C.E. Lucas Phillips, a Brigadier General in the British
    Fourteenth Army, who fought on the Arakan front during the
    Second World War, clarifies who the fictive Rohingya are:
    Arakan is a province of Burma that has a character all its own.
    “The two main strains of the population, mutually hostile, divided by race, language and religion, were of Muslim and Buddhist persuasions respectively. The Buddhists, to whom the term b Arakanese’ was in these
    parts especially applied, belonged to a tribe or strain known as Maughs or Mughs.
    The Muslims had their origin in the district of Chittagong, in the Bengal province of British India, and all Muslims, whether natives of Arakan for generations or recent immigrants, were known as Chittagonians,
    or in the British forces, as ‘CFs’. ,.,
    A bewildering babel of languages was spoken by these people. The Arakanese
    spoke a dialect of Burmese, but the Chittagonians stuck to the Bengali of their homeland, but, if educated, spoke Urdu as well.”

    Given the striking similarity of ethnographical pattern between the fictitious Rohingya and the people of East Bengal, they are undoubtedly akin to each other, belong to the same stock, adhere to the same religious creed, speak the
    same dialect and remain wedded to the same cultural mores of the District of Chittagong, All the same, the alien Chittagonian Bengalis beguiled the general public into believing them a new race distinctive from their brethren in the Bengali land for the simple reason that they happened to be illegally residing in someone’s backyard, which borders on their homeland.

  2. The modus operandi is the same in most of these places. The same in Assam, Buthan, other places in India, Thailand and the Philippines. In Africa the Ivory Coast (an overall Christian country) fell to Islam when the infiltration by Muslims reached 20%.

    Ambassador Ahmed is a former Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK and former administrator in Waziristan and Balochistan.

    Note how the ex-ambassador Akbar Ahmed spins it:

    “All the Rohingya want is the reinstatement of their citizenship in their own land…”

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