“Rich white people” Derangement

ABC television host Virginia Trioli, a rich white person in the West, interrupts her station’s non-stop coverage of the Boston Marathon explosion to wish it were otherwise:

 “….it seems to me where we are overly focusing on what happens to rich white people in the West…” —-Racist to worry about people much like our own being blown up  (Andrew Bolt)

Leave it to Tingles (Chris Matthews)

“Did Boston Bombing Have Anything To Do With Tax Day?”

Deranged space-cadet Cynthia McKinney:

 There are no terrorists, only future Facebook friends:

Happy that  Hussein Obama has given preferred traveler status to the Saudis?

In 2004, only about 1,000 Saudis were studying in the U.S., according to the U.S. State Department. This past school year, Saudi Arabia sent 66,000 students to U.S. universities, four times the number before the 2001 attacks and the fastest-growing source of foreign students in the U.S., ahead of China, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education (Tundra Tabloids)

Never mind Weiner, vote for Huma & the MuBro’s:

Shrillary’s lesbo Muslim lover, never questioned about Benghazi. And this is their MO: no matter how disgraced, you bow out for a short ‘cooling off period’, and come right back to the limelight like nothing ever happened.

Harry Douchebag Reid: 

5 thoughts on ““Rich white people” Derangement”

  1. I believe Trioli has just returned from 14 Months parental leave, perhaps she has forgotten how to talk in front of an open mike.

    Typical ABC Leftist Crap.

  2. The CNN wankers yesterday seemed to be vying with each other over who could come up with the best “whitey” Boston terrorist “theory”. They seemed positively energized with glee over the possibility that a white Christian right wing person might have done the bombing. And, Wolf Blitzer (What a name for a nutless nut job! It almost sounds masculine, doesn’t it?) kept cautioning the American people to not jump to conclusions. WTF is he to tell the American people anything?! I wanted to shoot the TV.

  3. Instead of giving the media the race card to play with for the past 50 years, we should have given them a sharp pointed object.

  4. If Virginia Trioli is hurt in a terorrist attack, presumably her ABC will respect her wishes and not mention it.

  5. Is there a better example of the total stupidity and irrationality of the left than Trioli’s comment.

    I turned briefly to 24 hours (ABC TV station) this morning and there she was – grinning at me.

    A most unsettling experience; I quickly turned to another channel.

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