CNN: Right-wing extremists did it, — (“only rich white people hurt”)

Authorities Reportedly Looking For “Dark-Skinned or Black Male” With Black Backpack and Black Sweatshirt — ‘Possibly Foreign National’

At this point we can be pretty sure that it wasn’t  Aryan Brotherhood Members, although that’s what Obama supporters would like us to believe.

None of the perps on Oz TV mentioned “Islam, Islamist, Muslims or terrorism” the whole morning. Just goes to show how dhimmified and terrified they already are.

Boston marathon bombed   (Andrew Bolt  APRIL162013)

Sure. The Alinsky disciple Obama told us on his visit to  J’lem to see the world (not) as it is, but  to see the world as it should be.”

TWO explosions have shattered the finish of the Boston marathon, killing 2 and injuring 23, police say.

Authorities out on the course carried away the injured while stragglers in the 40 kilometre race were rerouted away from the smoking site.

Competitors and race volunteers were crying as they fled the chaos.

Police have found ‘’multiple explosive devices’’ around Boston, NBC News reported, citing officials.


Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.Law-enforcement sources said at least the first explosion occurred in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel…

The New York Post reports police as confirming a third explosion at JFK Library in Boston. It was unclear if the explosion was linked to the two earlier ones that took place at the Marathon.


The New York Post reports:

Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.


What terrorism looks like, shorn of all the apologetics. Warning: images include one very graphic.


The bombs were loaded with ball-bearings to wound as many people as possible.


No, no suspect detained:

Boston police say no suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis also says that the fire at a library a few miles away and more than an hour later doesn’t appear to be related to the explosions at the race on Monday. He says the fire may have been caused by an incendiary device.


Immediately after the explosions, some of the wounded could be seen to have lost limbs; others lay unconscious… Boston area hospitals reported that at least 115 people had been brought in for treatment 

Asked if the explosions were a terrorist act, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said, “We’re not being definitive on this right now, but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.’

The nature of the attack suggests home-grown extremists even more than Islamists, but there’s no point in jumping to conclusions until there’s an arrest and evidence.


Can reader Rita really have described this correctly? (Other readers are also complaining.)

“It’s only rich white people”
was just suggested, contemptuously, by Virginia Trioli on ABC TV 24 (about 8.15-8.20am), in the context of “this happens every day in Afghanistan, Iraq etc…these poor people experience this every day…yet we only pay attention when it happens to ‘RICH WHITE PEOPLE’.

While this is predictable from the ABC, I still find it disgusting and hate the thought that my tax dollar pays for these racists. Privatise the ABC on 16 September 2013 !!!!!

Here are the ”rich white people” who took out the top three places in today’s marathon before the bombs went off:

[Lelisa] Desisa, a 23-year-old Ethiopian who won the Dubai Marathon in his debut in the event, pulled away from a three-man pack on Boylston Street to hold off Micah Kogo and Gebregziabher Gebremariam.


Kenyan Rita Jeptoo won the women’s event from Meseret Hailu of Ethiopa and Sharon Cheropwon of Kenya.


Boston television is reporting that one of the dead is an eight-year-old.




Right-wing extremists, suggests CNN.

Let’s see.


Is the difference between the Middle East and the West very slowly being erased?

DOZENS of attacks across Iraq, including a brazen car bombing on the way to Baghdad airport, have killed 50 people, just days before the country’s first elections since US troops withdrew.

The violence, which mostly struck during Monday morning rush hour amid tightened security ahead of the polls, also wounded nearly 300 people and raises further questions about the credibility of the April 20 vote, seen as a key test of Iraq’s stability and its security forces’ capabilities.

A total of 14 election hopefuls have already been murdered and just 12 of the country’s 18 provinces will be taking part in the vote.

CBS: Saudi man in custody was tackled by bystanders at Boston Marathon

“A civilian who thought he was acting suspiciously chased him down and tackled him and then turned him over to Boston police, saying, I saw this guy hanging around over there acting suspiciously. And then he ran. That may mean a lot, it may mean nothing at all.”

“CBS: Saudi Man In Custody Was Tackled By Bystanders At Boston Marathon,” by Jim Edwards for the Business Insider, April 15 (thanks to Andrew Bostom):

The Saudi Arabian man who is reportedly in police custody following the Boston Marathon bombing was chased and tackled by bystanders shortly after the blast, according to CBS.Senior correspondent John Miller, a former assistant director of the FBI, reported this:

There is an individual in custody … he is not free to go.

He is a Saudi national who was near the scene of the blast. When the blast happened he began to run. Now, in context, a lot of people began to run. A civilian who thought he was acting suspiciously chased him down and tackled him and then turned him over to Boston police, saying, I saw this guy hanging around over there acting suspiciously. And then he ran. That may mean a lot, it may mean nothing at all.

Miller added that the man was fully cooperative but was denying any involvement in the bombing.

Jordanian Muslim leader “happy to see the horror in America” over Boston terror bombings

“A Mideast counterterrorism official based in Jordan said the blasts ‘carry the hallmark of an organized terrorist group, like al-Qaeda.'”

“Jordan extremist praises Boston bombing,” from the Associated Press, April 16 (thanks to JW)

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  1. “…Can reader Rita really have described this correctly?…”

    Yup, I did! RACISM is okay as long as it’s anti-white, anti-western, from the Left and on “their” ABC.

  2. Thanks Hamid. But if you take the Kafkaesque complaints route the ABC suggests (I have tried it) they suffocate you in red tape (or whatever it’s called, and I’m rather of an impatient temperament.

    I have twittered it directly to Head of the ABC, Marc Scott, don’t know that it will do much good. Mediawatch is a caricature of itself. But Radio 2GB, Ray Hadley (very popular conservative radio host) broadcast it.

    And best of all: Our own Sheikyermami took it up! He and Andrew Bolt combined are being read widely ! 🙂

    But “at the end of the day”, as they say: it’s a needle in the anti-western/anti-white/extreme left wing/islamophile haystack, the ABC serves us day after day.

  3. Right wing attack? As if we did not know that one was coming from the MSM.

    Hmm. The Right like government buildings not public events. Tax day equals IRS, not people out on a sporting day.

    But…we know which terrorist group likes to target large crowds of innocent and helpless people.

    Yep, that would be the same group that prefer to use women and children as human shields to hide behind and have a preference for sending children with Down Syndrome and young boys with bombs to do their work.

  4. Her rationale is that we deserve it too since we caused all the moslem terror and violence in the Middle East when we went back in time and created islam before Britain (much less America) had even existed. So there, nyah!


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