Shake Fizz and his “official community leader” status

Dreyfus or Doofus?

News Ltd’s Claire Harvey asks Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus about Sheikh Feiz Mohammed:

MARK DREYFUS: … those videos were some years old, and Sheikh Feiz Mohammad, in recent months…. condemned the use of violence and certainly, as a community leader, he’s someone that’s getting behind the countering violent extremism program that we have in many communities across Australia.

Some years old, you say? Try just three: 

The videos of Feiz Muhammad promote a radical cleric who, in 2010, called on Muslims to behead the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.  (Tim Blair)

Sheikh Feiz said in the MuslimVillage interview that he did not retract his previous comments.

They include 

– raped women only had themselves to blame
– called on Muslims to behead the Dutch politician Geert Wilders
– calling for the murder of “infidels” and describing Jews as “pigs”.

Interesting. What kind of “community”  calls him  a “leader”?

Does Dreyfus see what’s happening under his own nose?/Andrew Bolt

The Attorney-General talks about his electorate:

Isaacs MP Mark Dreyfus said…”One third of Australians were born overseas and Greater Dandenong is home to citizens representing 150 different nationalities,” he said. “Our community is a wonderful example to others of a modern, diverse and harmonious society.”

This week:

Around Dandenong, young men stalk parks in gangs and rob anyone who walks through. About 300 others brawled so viciously at a 21st birthday party last year that police had to use capsicum spray to bring things under control…. There is certainly a public fear of violence: one caller tells police she has seen about 50 Sudanese men heading towards a party heaving with Pacific Islanders.


Community leaders have joined police on regular patrols in Dandenong as the force tries to improve ties with troubled ethnic youths. The ethnically diverse city has crime rates almost 40 per cent higher than the state average… Pacific Islander and Sudanese community leaders were informed by Victoria Police last year that their populations were overrepresented in crime statistics.

There comes a time when the desire to seem nice collides with the need to be honest. Dreyfus is not telling the truth, in my opinion. When you can’t be honest about trouble in your back yard, are you likely to ever fix it?