Soros meddling in Burma

But still, the (illegal) mosques are burning:

BNI has a rather large report:

Myanmar (Burma) Buddhists destroy 14 out of 15 Saudi Wahabist-funded mosques:

Burmese nationalist politicians almost exploded when the so-called UN Special Reporteur For Human Rights in Burma and that anti-Burmese-Buddhist Tomas Quintana openly called for the repeal of Burma’s 1982 Citizenship Law so that millions and millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims would be granted Burmese citizenship. The perceived or actual control of local NLD – Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy – offices by the Meikhtilar Muslims has also inflamed that resentment and anger more.

“The Muslims already have money and commercial control and now they also want political control over us. Why?” the Meikhtilar Buddhists asked themselves and they do not like it at all, naturally. The Nationalist Buddhist monks’ 969 campaign to patronize only the Buddhist businesses also has been raising general awareness of growing Muslim’s commercial power.

MuBro supporter George Soros has his filthy hands all over the Islamization of Myanmar. Falsely portrayed as a “philanthropist,” this butcher of the financial sector  sees rich pickings in Burma:

Billionaire George Soros is back in Burma again, asking human rights activists and ethnic leaders how he can channel his aid to better help the country transition smoothly from decades of military rule.

Hla Oo’s Blog: George Soros “The Puppet Master” in Burma Again?


(To pacify the restless Buddhist masses all over Burma, Thein Sein Government yesterday announced that all the Mosques destroyed  in Meikhtilar and other towns are not allowed to rebuild unless the Muslims can show solid proof that their mosques were originally built with legal permission from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.)

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  1. Dang! Who knew we’d need to import more Buddhist immigrants to help us stop the international crime-gang of holy mobster moslems?! Since, thanks to the responsibility-deferring and will-sapping propaganda sales of the enemedia here, we seem to lack the intestinal fortitude to Get Er Done our selves!

  2. Perhaps the folks in Myanmar could transport George elesewhere???? Given what he is trying to do to their country it would be an appropriate response, and plausible deniability would be trivial to construct.

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