“Sweet, smiling, witty Sayeeda”

Baroness Warsi and the demons of hate

The curry princess spoke at a meeting of a group which is boycotted by her own Government for its promotion of terrorist recruiters and its “failure to fully challenge terrorist and extremist ideology”.

She calls it  “tackling anti-Muslim hatred, a key priority for the coalition Government”.

 “Sweet, smiling, witty Sayeeda” works to change the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed from ignorance to Islam” in a “global” Islamic state under Sharia law.

She’s a fifth columnist in a dupatta.

 Theresa May, queen of comedy

MPs on all sides – who had gathered to hear her make a statement on the extremist cleric Abu Qatada – were speechless.

Michael Deacon watches Home Secretary Theresa May make a statement on the proposed deportation of Abu Qatada.

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  1. When Muslims start tracking their own hatred, I might think about listening to their proposals.

    Islamonausea …

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