Syria: ‘Oh Jews we are Coming for you’ — ‘Khaibar, Khaibar ya Yahood…’

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WARNING: This post contains extremely graphic acts of Muslim brutality. Please do not watch if scenes like this may cause you get upset. Not safe for work and unsuitable for minors.

Video: FSA Shout ‘Allah Akbar’ As Child Made To Behead Captive


like the nazis. muslim jihadists are committing inhumane murders of those who they dislike

Funded by the USA  and other Western nations, Islamic jihadis from around the world and hardline Syrian Islamists are fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army against Syria’s government. As in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya previously,  sunni Muslims want to seize  power and send the nation back to the dark ages with Islam and the barbaric sharia law as the only authority. As bad as Syria is now, living under full on political Islam would be far worse. Especially after watching these 2 videos of the Islamo-fascists enforcing their own kind of  brutal savagery, Islamic justice by the sword

If you thought that was shocking, this next one is plain sick. The FSA instruct a young child to behead a captive. Whilst the child is doing it, the soldiers can be heard shouting the Muslim battle cry of Allah Akbar whilst enjoying the spectacle:

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3 thoughts on “Syria: ‘Oh Jews we are Coming for you’ — ‘Khaibar, Khaibar ya Yahood…’”

  1. They wonder why they are regarded as low life scum, who would expose a child to that? but of course under Pislam its quite the norm.
    Do they deserve to have a place within civilisation? NO not when they advocate the death of ALL infidels.
    And why did the captive deserve to die, what was his crime….his race /religion??

  2. maybe they are helping spread the arab spring to keep this scum back in the 8th century where it belongs once they are all under theocratic rule we can throw away the key .their oil is gone we dont need them and now we can say they did it to themselves

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