Syria: there is a third choice

The Idiotic Argument Goes LIke This:

Moderate Extremists Or Extreme Extremists?

“The problem right now,” he said, “is that the West refuses to help us. They refuse to help us because they don’t want to help ‘terrorists’. But we 
There is a third choice:
It’s to do nothing at all, and let the Alawite regime fight on, depleting its own resources, and using up money, materiel, and men from Iran too. And the ideal outcome would leave the Alawites hanging on, just.
Syria air strikes ‘target civilians’

Rights group says more than 4,300 civilians killed in government strikes since July, and calls the raids war crimes.
Related, from al Jizz:

Where is the Syrian conflict heading?

An uprising that was inspired by the “Arab Spring”  MuBro’s is now a violent conflict, with no end in sight.

Alleged leader of Al-Nusra Front vows to obey al-Qaeda, but backs off reports of “merger” with network’s Iraq branch.
Idiotic. There are no “Palestinians”– the Arab rabble that feeds of the international  community  has no economy and no intention to have one, why do we have to feed these parasites?  “US secretary of state expresses optimism after round of talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah, but offers few specifics.”
Obummer can’t leave it alone:

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  1. like egypt, libya,tunisia …nobody wanted to see that the dictators were after all the best and the only guarantee against fundamentalism …Or maybe others saw and wanted this outcome????

  2. PIPES: The argument for Assad

    the Syrian regime falls now, worse rogues will win

    Analysts agree that the erosion of the Syrian regime’s capabilities is accelerating, that it continues to retreat, making a rebel breakthrough and an Islamist victory increasingly likely. In response, I am changing my policy recommendation from neutrality to something that causes me, as a humanitarian and decades-long foe of the Assad dynasty, to pause before writing: Western governments should support the malign dictatorship of Bashar Assad.

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