The boats keep coming


Tim Blair – Saturday, April 06, 2013

A bleeding heart welcome mat:


Apparently “for those who’ve paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers and thrown away their passports” wouldn’t fit.

UPDATE. “It’s not as though we’re swamped by refugees,” wrote Richard Ackland back in 2009:

According to analysis by the excellent website Stubborn Mule, a fair number of asylum seekers could be calculated on the basis of our population as a relative proportion of the combined populations of the countries that regularly take refugees.

On that basis our fair share would be 197 asylum seekers per million of population ….

That works out to 4456 asylum seekers per year. In 2010, Australia received 6535 asylum seekers – or 288 per million of population. Last year Australia received more than 16,000 asylum seekers, or 707 per million of population. Under Ackland’s “fair share” rule, our total population needs an instant boost to more than 81 million.

4 thoughts on “The boats keep coming”

  1. Dont you think the Gillard government has a skitzophrenic policy on immigration?
    One minute shes in western Sydney talking about stopping the boats and restricting 457 visas, the next minute shes saying we need a population of 50 million by 2050.
    Now shes in China talking up Chinese immigration to Australia.
    How about that Malaysia deal! we send 3000 illegal immigrants to them and they send us back 20,000!!! Thats not a deal, its bullshit.
    When talking to her union base it “were restricting 457 visas” but when out of the room its “we need 50 miilion in Australia”
    What do ya think? Why do we pay taxes to people who consistently do the opposite of what we tell them?
    Anyone exposing them on this should get an award.

  2. Akland is so full of self appointed elitist BS wankery how can anyone with half a brain take him seriously?

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