The mosques are great for storing weapons….

Arsenal discovered in central mosque of Dagestani village

Nothing to see here, infidel! Move on. Every church has a cache’ of weapons in the basement, right? And how about the synagogues? Are you saying them Jews are not planning anything?

Makhachkala, April 18, Interfax – A cache containing arms, ammunition and dual-purpose items was discovered on Tuesday during a special operation in the village of Gimry, Interfax was told at the Interior Ministry press service for Dagestan.

Here’s an older video, just to confirm  that mosques and weapons are part of the same plan:

Weapons found in Gaza mosque

IDF video, January 13, 2009 (thanks to multisync).

A press officer said that village law enforcement removed an assault rifle, a pistol, an air gun, a grenade, machinegun magazines, large quantities of cartridges, 27 walkie-talkies of various models, several dozen car alarms, instructions for making home-made bombs, maps of the locality, and over 200,000 rubles in cash from the cache in the central mosque of the village.

Operatives say the cache belonged to members of Gimry terrorist group.

“The counting and identification of the seized weaponry continues. The effort was conducted jointly by operatives of the Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service (FSB) department for Dagestan and a police task force stationed in Dagestan,” the press officer said.

4 thoughts on “The mosques are great for storing weapons….”

  1. I am so sick of Fox news right now they keep asking ‘why did these men want to bomb and kill?’… and they won’t even come clean that these ‘men’ were moslems. I wonder what mosque they used to go to… and we won’t find out via Fox news. The imam should be hauled off and if he is a foreigner – deported. The mosque should have a shake down for hate literature… oops, that means their koran would be given a toss too.

  2. @R_not

    We have learned a long time ago in Europe that if no ethnicity is mentioned it is because the MSM and the political class know/fear the suspect is Muslim.

    The MSM silence on ethnicity becomes a ‘code’; silence = Muslim perpetrator.

    So we always know when they do not mention, “a white male” or “a black male” in the news what shitty background the suspect came from.

  3. With far less than 1% of the global population (for most of their history) the moslems and their “THOU SHALT KILL! culture” have yet managed to be responsible for more than half of all murders (and all other crimes) in the world. The other half were committed by all the other human creeds, bith secular, and “religious.”

    That means that, currently at one fifth of the world’s population, even now, they are still from between four and several hundred times MORE likely to commit murders (and all other crimes) than EVERYONE ELSE, combined!


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