“There will be no sharia under a government I lead”

Australian Islamic finance growth ‘unavoidable’

Ignore that sharia finance and the halal racket are concocted to Islamise Western countries and to transfer money into the global jihad. Ignore that it is dreamt up by the founder of the MuBro’s and failed wherever its been tried. Lets just submit:

The growth of Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF) in Australia is set to be one of the biggest success stories of the next five years, according to Muslim Community Co-operative Australia (MCCA) chairman Dr. Akhtar Kalam. …

Story at Financial Standard/By Mark Smith/thanks to Mullah

4 thoughts on ““There will be no sharia under a government I lead””

  1. We need to rise above this and put a stop to it.
    Once again the Govt is complying with sharia law!!
    First it was halal then burkas now its sharia finance, what’s next total sharia law ruling this country ???

  2. I do not agree with Sharia Law, I do not agree with Halal certification. This is not my religion so why should I be expected to comply with a group which is a minority in my country. Halal certification costs support a cult which brainwashes, and promises death to infidels…. that is everyone who doesn’t belong. Why should I as a Christian be expected to eat food which has been prayed for in the name of a foreign god? That is against my religion, and my religion must count for something.

  3. Finance is finance. Capitalism involves capital. The moslems’ own #1 Sharia code (The Hedaya) says it’s always OK for moslems to engage in “Usury” (selling money, over time/on the installment plan, aka the supply & demand of renting out money) to their infidel enemies, because the process inevitably ends with one owning one’s debtors anyway.

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