Tingles & the Commie Agenda

As a pervert, he is a pernicious clown without honour, but with an agenda that would make Joe Stalin blush. Thanks to Tingles  and his ilk the Marxist Muslim is (still) in the white white house and the United States became a laughing stock for every tin can dictator between Caracas and Timbuktu. In  healthy societies creatures like Chris Matthews don’t get airtime, they get a straight jacket.

As Wild Bill for America reminds us, the liberal agenda was codified long ago — by communists:


There are others just like Tingles:

That despicable Ammanturd and the “burden of association”

Lefties Plot Strategy To Neutralize Muslim Terrorism Bad News

Bombing suspect’s mosque hosted author who criticized US, UK for ‘war against Islam’

Traitors above suspicion? British journalist and former Guardian editor Victoria Brittain sides with Muslims against “continual harassment against a largely helpless population.”

Moonbattery has a caption contest for this shitz

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