Todays ‘nothing to do with Islam’ roundup

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir:

Boston jihad bombers bury the “peace, compassion and kindness of the Koran”

His name is not “Martin”- its Mohammed, of course. The creep is a Mustard operating under false flag. He doesn’t hide his fanaticism. He literally blows his fuse whenever he doesn’t agree with what is said about Islam.

This is what the American people are getting fed. “Bashir: Suspected Boston Bombers Hurt ‘Peace-Loving Religion’ Of Islam,” from Real Clear Politics, April 22

“What difference does it make”

Chris Matthews on Boston jihad bombers: “What difference does it make why they did it if they did it? I’m being tough here.”

Tingles aping the despicable Shrillary.

Do you think Chris Matthews would be getting “tough” by asking “what difference does it make why they did it?” if the perpetrators had turned out to be the “right-wing extremists” of media mythmaking? I don’t, either.

Wajihajibaji blah blah….

Wajahat Ali tells libturds at Salon what they want to hear:

“The Tsarnaev brothers’ criminal and perverse actions do not speak for me or the overwhelming majority of Muslims. I am not compelled to apologize for them or explain their actions.

“This is like asking Republican Christians to apologize for Timothy McVeigh or expecting young white males to explain why individuals like Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner and James Holmes used assault rifles to unleash terror on innocent civilians.”

Atlantic Wire: “The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?”

That’s the spirit! Even if the Obamessiah is Muslim, so what?

More “young adult males” of some irrelevant faith arrested

More “young adult males” are arrested:

Canadian police say they have arrested two people and charged them with trying to carry out an Al Qaeda-backed terrorist attack against a passenger train.

The suspects’ plans were ”not based on their ethnic origins but on an ideology”, police said.

So which “ideology” would that be?

Why, its the ideology of pressure-cookers, of course:

Retailer Williams-Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers off Shelves Following Boston Bombings

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, GWP

pressure cooker
Pressure Cookers Don’t Kill People – People Kill People

Specialty retailer Williams-Sonoma pulled pressure cookers off their shelves following the Boston Marathon bombings. Patch reported….

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