Toronto Star: Canada Should Give Abbas Mega-Bucks to “Help Underwrite Peace”

Pretty dumb, eh? You may as well take the cash and flush it.

Canadian aid to the Palestinians lends credibility to Mahmoud Abbas’ “moderate regime”, underwrites U.S. peace efforts and gives people a stake in reopening talks with Israel. (Scaramouche)

We should have a war on stoopid:

Presbyterian Church Uses Islamists for Interfaith Study » by 

 Warns of “anti-Muslim” actions while partnering with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

“Pope offers message of unity”

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and it’s natural that the Catholic world would like to establish a relationship with the Muslim community,” said Dhaouadi, president of Connecticut Council on American Islamic Relations, an Islamic civil liberties group a Muslim Brotherhood front of agit-props.

 Rape in Egypt, the fuggly face of Islam

The gambit to de-Judaize the Jewish state:

The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial – on The Glazov Gang » by 

Lela Gilbert, Dwight Schultz and Ann-Marie Murrell shed disturbing light on Islamists’ gambit to de-Judaize the Jewish state.