“Traumatised, Racist Australian” Shrouds

“Traumatised, Racist Australian” Shrouds:

Hafsah Negussie, 19, of Mount Gravatt reported an incident at a service station where she said she was verbally abused and locked in the store because of religious discrimination.  (Mullah)

“I’m Australian, I was born and raised here, I know my rights. It’s so horrific,” Ms Negussie said.

TEENAGER Hafsah Negussie claims she was held against her will at a Brisbane service station  by a service station worker in a perceived racist attack

Ms Negussie said the apology, issued last week after enquiries by the Southern Star, was not good enough.

She has now taken the case to the Queensland Anti Discrimination Commission with help from her friend and human rights lawyer Sabrina Khan Ismail.   “(We believe) she was deprived of her liberty and is quite traumatised by this incident and BP’s denial of the incident is not helping the matter,” Ms Ismail said.

Muslims follow doctrines of demons, but (we must not) demonize them all

Lets demonize the turds from CAIR instead!
We must first stop demonizing Islam and marginalizing the Muslim people. As hard as it may be we must stop branding Islam as a religion of hate and violence simply because a tiny minority of excremists choose the lame excuse of religion as a defense for their crimes. … We must shift our focus... Religion cannot be accepted as the scapegoat.

By the law of Allah:

About the “interfaith industry” we have created:

It is highly unlikely that the Chechen boys were scholars of the Quran,  and: it would appear obvious that entirely to exclude Islamic belief as a partial contributor does not fit the empirical data of similar attacks elsewhere.

I think this means that they were Muslims. However, my cantus firmus is regressing and has gone off a cliff.

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  1. So, she’s “traumatized by loss of liberty,” but voluntarily wears a funeral shroud freedom sack everywhere she goes during the Aussie heatwaves?!

  2. Maybe she was locked in there cause she was scaring the customers! out of sight out of mind ??
    And no-one likes to see “Death” walking thru a shop!

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