U.S.: 15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless

A Dangerous Threat’: Texas Attorney General Vows to Fight ‘Unconstitutional’ U.N. Global Arms Treaty

“We fought and we won a war to protect us from rulers in a distant land trying to limit our rights. We have circled back now…”– Comments »

 Young People Need to be Taught:

Obama Teaches Youth to Budget Responsibly

At least he has a sense of humor. No one could be so oblivious to their own catastrophic failures; he must be doing this for sick laughs:

President Hussein Obama, who has increased the national debt by $53,377 per household, has proclaimed April “National Financial Capability Month,” during which his administration will do things such as teach young people “how to budget responsibly.”–Moonbattery

NASA: Globull Worming Tart Steps Down

James E. Hansen, the nation’s most outspoken scientist on global warming, is stepping down from his federal post to engage full time in activism on the issue.  NASA will be turned into a full-blown Muslim outreach centre.

Jay Leno:

AP Will Replace “Illegal Immigrant” with “Undocumented Democrat” (GWP)

On NBC’s Tonight Show last night Jay Leno joked about the AP’s crazy new policy not to call illegal immigrants what they are.

More ammunition to shoot Obama’s opponents:

DHS Solicits for More Ammunition to Go With Their 260 Million Bullet Stockpile

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  1. DHS doesn’t have a bullet for every single man, woman, and child in America yet. They need that before the Obumbler can declare the U.S. Constitution null and void.

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