UK: Bradford Needs More Funding for ‘Quality Sharia Courts’

That’s  after  BBC One’s Panorama programme featured an undercover investigation into Britain’s Shariah courts, which revealed “some women claiming to have suffered domestic violence”.  The women have been ignored by these religious-type courts when they have gone to them for help.

“There is a strong case for the Shariah councils to be better resourced and supported to make their work standardised to ensure consistency and quality across the board.”

Muslim leaders in Bradford want to set up a “robust and transparent” Islamic court in the city to set a good example for other towns and cities in the UK to follow.

With taxpayer money, of course.

The revelation that talks were taking place for Bradford to have its own Shariah panel came hours before BBC One’s Panorama programme featuring an undercover investigation into Britain’s Shariah courts was screened last night .

The documentary revealed some women claiming to have suffered domestic violence have been ignored by these religious-type courts when they have gone to them for help, prompting calls by campaigners for the parallel legal system which can run counter to British law to be tackled.

According to Bradford’s Council for Mosques, the city does not have such a Shariah system at the moment and the nearest one is in Dewsbury.

However, the Telegraph & Argus understands there are a number of individuals across the district who act independently, giving guidance on religious matters including marital disputes.

Shariah court dealings can include dissolving marriages of women who want their marriages ended on the grounds of abuse, mistreatment or incompatibility.

Bradford Council for Mosques president Mohammed Mushtaq said: “The Panorama programme has drawn our attention to some serious issues which require a robust proactive action on part of the Islamic leadership. We have responsibility to restore the trust and confidence of Muslim women in these important community institutions that they will get fair and unbiased advice and support for their legitimate concerns.

“There is a strong case for the Shariah councils to be better resourced and supported to make their work standardised to ensure consistency and quality across the board.”

Mr Mushtaq said the work of the Shariah council now needed to be recognised at Government level and better resourced with an agreed framework.

He said: “Council for Mosques Bradford is presently consulting Imams and Muslim scholars regarding an appropriate framework that is robust and transparent which may serve as a template for other towns and cities.”

Councillor Imran Hussain, the deputy leader of Bradford Council, who is responsible for the safer and stronger communities portfolio, said: “As a district we take domestic violence very seriously as do the partner agencies we work with and it will continue to be a priority.

“We have a good relationship with the Council for Mosques who are far better placed than I to comment on Shariah courts.”

6 thoughts on “UK: Bradford Needs More Funding for ‘Quality Sharia Courts’”

  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Either the Shariah is compatable with British law, in which case it is superfluous; or it is not, in which case it is illegal.
    Why the discussion?

  2. I wonder how the taxpayer would feel about this ??
    More strain on overtaxed families, now they have to help fund more terrorist activities while being lied to that its for the good of the community.

  3. Nothing like having tax-funded double-standards. And nobody does double standards like islam with its strong basis in us-versus-them and might-makes-right.

    Sharia, like islam itself, is based on the bandit-king Muhammad’s criminal example; it is nothing but excuses for crimes, under the aegis that:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    So why are the Bitish hell-bent on enabling the moslem group their own legal system?

    The only real ‘rule’ of morality and civilization is the Golden Rule of Law, which is simply: “Do Not Attack First.” All sub-sequent laws should be based on this. That way, the only real right anyone has, is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack innocent others first. By agreeing to this one simple rule, we achieve trust, progress, and civilization.

    By idolatrously pretending to defend our false group-might-made “rights,” we can falsely and pre-posterously “justify” ourselves in attacking innocent others “in response” to historical grievances suffered by someone else (but members of “our group” – right OR WRONG)! This is how and why idolatrous liberals (and moslems) sell tribal group rights and ignore basic individual human rights, endorsing the false brazen rule of chaos, where they declare their tribal group-god insists only they have the right and duty to always attack all the non-members of their gangs first – from which they inflict on themselves and everyone else, distrust, stagnation, and barbarism … the true jungle law of “might makes right” and mob-rule: the gangsters’ criminal extortion rackets.

    By endorsing group rights, any criminal has an automatic alibi for their crimes, if they can pre-posterously claim “retaliation” for something that once happened anywhere to anyone even only vaguely or remotely “like them.”

    Then they can always claim “acting under mental duress of institutional oppression” excuses.

    Which is basically just another variant on the institutional systematic procedural favorite:

    “I didn’t do it – ONLY The GROUP did it! Whee!” always endorsed by corporate government types!

    The group rights stance is always idolatry and slanderous, prejudicial fraud and extortion; it’s crime.

    Because liberals will always instinctively, emotively try to defend any minority – even a criminal minority from their victims if their victims outnumber them – while always ignoring the fact that most repeat criminals are in fact almost always outnumbered by their multiple victims!

    Even when the criminals (say, moslem Arabs and Blacks in Zimbabwe) vastly outnumber their victims worldwide, if small enclaves of the criminals can be found anywhere (especially near enough to the liberals themselves to make them feel threatened and uneasy) they liberals will ignore all the facts and declare them to be helpless minority victims anyway!

    Liberals “pre-emptively” live the Stockholm Syndrome in their lives every day, masochistically always looking for ways to surrender and pre-emptively sacrifice them selves and everyone else to the nearest criminals!

    That way, they maintain the illusion of control and of the false moral high ground, while also ignoring that the choice to do nothing to defend one’s self from others’ extortions, is also a conscious choice.

    They are backwards, self loathing traitors to rationality and civilization.

    Any law-abiding Conservative concerned with maintaining individual rights, is opposed by conformist gangsters who seek to avoid their own self-reliant responsibility by pretending to be victims of other groups, who must therefore form into even bigger groups for their own protection and extort him to join them for his own good. The right wants equality of opportunity, while the left wants equality of outcome, disregarding variable individual motivations and efforts.

    (Submission to criminal extortion is why liberals and moslems are such friends to each other)!

    When groups have rights, individuals don’t – simply because such a stance creates an injustice system, where some people (these days, in the West, who are part of some subjectively determined “identifiable protected minority groups,” including “women’s rights”) have more rights than others, which means those others have LESS rights than the protected group, and so are to be officially pre-judged as guilty until never proven innocent in comparison.

    Pre-judice is slander, and vice-versa. Group rights is pre-judicial, obviously false idolatry, slander, and fraud – it’s a crime.

    Reversing the onus of proof to guilty until never proven innocent is fradulent prejudicial slander and might-makes-right extortion (crime)!

    It’s attacking first!

    Any so-called Judges or politicians who supported and enabled these crimes are guilty of same.

    They are also guilty of criminal harrassment and extortion (conformity, like all communazis want for everyone, is extortion; aka terrorism).

    Any “legal” system which endorses group rights – even “minority” ones – is NOT a legal system at all: It’s only an extortion-promoting CRIME system!


  4. And shariah councils (not “courts”) run by British Muslims have what connection with “foreign governments” exactly? Do you mean to say that all those Jewish Beth Din courts issuing remarkably similar advice (to womwn who prefer a different brand of mumbo-jumbo to the British law which already protects them) are sinister agents of the Israeli government?

    Uncle Vladdi is obviously an IDIOT.

    1. Absurd. The Beth Din courts do nothing but mediate quarrels between Jews who consent to it.

      Mohammedanism seeks to apply its “laws” to all mankind, by force when necessary, and they will kill and die to spread this ‘law’.

      That’s very basic stuff. Are you ignorant or stupid?

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