UK: “Take the hijab off!”

They will put him away for a hundred years:

“Knifeman” ordered Bristol women to take off hijabs (sic)

A MAN racially abused a Muslim woman and demanded she took off her hijab before putting a kitchen knife to her throat.  David Norris, 39, approached Farduja Jama who was with her eight-year-old son in Morton Street, Barton Hill at 9am.

Drunken Norris, who was brandishing a six-inch knife told her: “Take the hijab off. This is England, you are not allowed. Take the hijab off before I stab you.”  He then pointed the blade at Miss Jama and put the blade to the left and right of her throat.

3 thoughts on “UK: “Take the hijab off!””

  1. Even if he had actually slit her throat, it’d still be a case of:

    Holy Halal Human sacrifice to “god,” by throat-slitting contest:

    Muslims: in the uncounted millions
    Non-muslims: 1.

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