Up to 600 ‘Europeans’ (?) waging jihad in Syria

They may not be Europeans, but Muslims who managed to settle in Europe. But why worry? Go back to sleep!

“not everyone who has joined the Syrian rebels is al-Qaeda, and only a small number may ever become involved in terrorism after returning to Europe.”–Eurabia’s new export: jihad 

Jihad in Pakistan:

Muslim mobs attack Christians, destroy Christian shops and vandalize churches

But remember: to speak out against this religiously-inspired mob violence would be “bigoted.” “Gjranwala: April 3, 2013. (PCP) Five Christians were injured with firing, more than dozen shops of Christians were destroyed and Churches were vanalized in Francis Colony in city of Gujranwala when Muslim mob attacked after calls from loudspeakers fr [sic],” from the Pakistan Christian Post, April 3 (thanks to JW)

Omid rubs it:

 Islamic supremacist spokesmen in the U.S., including those who claim to be “moderate,” are generally, well, arrogant, foul-mouthed creeps. Pseudo academic Omid Safi is a prototype for these sand monkeys.

Shocker: Jews are better than Muslims!

Egyptians told “Muslims will not win”

Mohammed Dweik, writing in liberal Egyptian party paper Al Wafd, decries how the Jews are better than Muslims at just about everything. (They’d better be. They’ll never get a second chance)
Abbas: Freeing Terrorists is Our Priority

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that the freeing of terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons was a “priority” for his leadership.

Another Bed-wetter:

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  1. Kieth Vaz controlled the UK Home Office why cant people throw rocks at him. He is not British and keeps out British descendants the world over.

  2. Firstly its “Keith” – secondly he should be investigated by the law – so you folks who feel he has something to answer need to provide evidence or discuss your suspicions with the police or legal people.

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