Video: Free Speech Under (Islamic) Assault

Video: Free Speech Under (Islamic) Assault

Posted on April 28, 2013 by creeping sharia

via Stakelbeck on Terror

On this week’s episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we examine how free speech regarding Islam is coming under assault in the United States and Europe. Sam Nunberg of The Legal Project and Lars Hedegaard, founder of Dispatch Internationaland survivor of an attempted assassination recently in Denmark, are our guests.

2 thoughts on “Video: Free Speech Under (Islamic) Assault”

  1. Moslems: “Shoddop about our extortion racket – or else, capisce?!”

    Western legal System: “It is indeed their protected religious speech right!”

  2. The Liberal enemedia:

    “We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!” So they hope to avoid the fear of pain, by pre-emptively inflicting that pain on themselves (thus cancelling the auxiliary pain caused by the fear)! See?

    Now they want to make it “illegal” to accuse these holy criminals of their crimes, if doing so might offend them by hurting their feelings with the painful truth, & so “make” them commit even more crimes! Whee!

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