“We do believe in free speech, but…”

U.S. Jewish groups call on synagogue to cancel anti-Muslim speaker Pamela Geller

Update from Pamela:

Self-loathing Jews @Haaretz define anti-semitic groups as “US Jewish Groups”

The uber-left Jew-hating Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s headline today reads: “U.S. Jewish groups call on synagogue to cancel anti-Muslim speaker.”

The kapos define “Jewish groups” — lml. Wow, Haaretz implies that the anti-Israel groups and boyoctt Israel groups “Jewish Voice for Peace,” “Jews for Racial and Economic Justice,” and “Jews Say No!” represent “US Jewish groups.” No, they represent anti-Jewish and anti-Israel groups.

New York left-wing activist groups request Long Island synagogue to cancel speech by Pamela Geller – and are accused of flip-flopping on freedom of speech.

“Our hope is that the synagogue will cancel her appearance,” Vilkomerson said. “The kind of venom that she spews against Islam is completely inappropriate for a synagogue.”

Jewish Week: Pamela Geller ‘Sharia’ Event In Great Neck Spurs Showdown

These are vicious anti-Jewish groups bent on destroying the tiny Jewish state. The libel and lies by anti-Jewish Haaretz continue as they label me “anti-Muslim.” Haaretz is defaming and libeling those who expose Islamic Jew-hatred as “anti-Muslim.” Anti-Muslim — as if opposing jihad and the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth, the sharia, is “anti-Muslim.” Obviously Haaretz believes that all Muslims support sharia and jihad, or else they would not use that smear. Yet their assumption is in direct contradiction to the idea that most Muslims are “moderate.”

I am not anti-Muslim or anti-anyone, and this label smears my work in defense of the freedom of speech and equality of rights for all as a campaign against a group of people.

But what do you expect from the newspaper that endorses stone-throwing by “Palestinian” jihadists?

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  1. … but what?

    Either you are free to say anything (so long it is true),
    or are a slave and are not free!

    “restricted” freedom of speech?

    Either a woman is pregnant, or not!
    “restricted” pregnancy?

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