“We hardly knew them…”

So say the clerics of the mosque who just had their funding withdrawn. WICS’ interreligious activities have often been used to cover the financing of terrorism and to bribe politicians.

Algeria terrorist attack – Three Islamic organizations linked with London mosques’ spokespersons Wael Haddara and Munir el-Kassem lost their charity status because of their links with terrorism

Point de Bascule

They went for  “adventure, camaraderie, excitement”- (just don’t mention the jihad!)

But no, I will. There are up to 5000 European jihadis, and the question is where the jihadis go after Assad falls. Most likely  the jihadis will go to Europe to commit acts of violence and terror there. Why would they go to Europe? Because they came from Europe.

But hey, not to worry, lets ask the ‘experts’:

Radicalization usually the result of ‘non-religious factors’

Experts say extremists typically motivated by emotion rather than politics

Gee, what a relief. For a moment I thought some greasy Islamophobe would blame Islam.

The revelation that two young Canadian men were involved in an al-Qaeda-linked attack on an Algerian gas refinery has prompted many people to wonder what would drive Western youth to such extreme action halfway across the world.

Xristos Katsiroubas, 22, is one of two Canadians accused of helping orchestrate an al-Qaeda linked attack on an Algerian gas plant that left dozens of refinery workers dead.

Third ‘Canadian’ Muslim identified in Algeria attack

Posted on April 6, 2013 by Eeyore

Complains that Canada hasn’t helped him out much when he was busy learning Koran and planning terror.