When migrants turn terrorists (or when devout Muslims become real Muslims)

All Muslims have Islam, Jihadists have Full Blown Islam

Can’t happen here. Our Muslims are not terrorists (or are ‘our terrorists not Muslims?’)

The Australian:  When migrants turn terrorists

When migrants turn terrorists (or when devout Muslims become better Muslims)

Chechen jihadists have been key fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2011, Russia warned Washington of suspicions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. No action was taken and the US has paid a high price.     More at The Australian/April 22, 2013 thanks to Mullah

This “willful blindness”

Muslim brothers Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon. Yet the media are once again assuring us that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Does the Qur’an agree?

Liar in Chief

He may play ignorant, but he and his staff aren’t.–Read More »

Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill

Posted By Bruce Thornton On April 19, 2013 In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

Despite the fervent wishes of the progressive media and the buffoonish David Sirota, who hoped the culprit was “a white guy,” the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon have turned out to be not white, Tea Party, tax-hating bitter clingers, but Chechen Muslims. Quelle surprise, as the French say. Now we’ll start hearing all the rationalizing interpretations for their act, few of which will state the obvious: they murdered people because Islam gives them the theological sanction to use violence against infidels whose existence threatens the Islamic hegemony sanctioned by Allah.

Of course, for the secular materialists and pundits of the left, whose minds are furnished with tired received wisdom and banal clichés, such a statement is Islamophobic hate speech. Only Christianity and Judaism lead to violence, from the Crusades to Zionism. Islam is the tolerant “religion of peace” that created the Renaissance and treated Jews and Christians kindly. If Muslims act violently––over 20,000 violent attacks since 9/11––then they must have been provoked by Western bad behavior: colonialism, imperialism, greed for oil, support for Israel, disrespect of Islam and Mohammed, the War on Terror that has demonized Muslims. Or the terrorists are created by the inequities and costs of global capitalism, which give young Muslim men few educational or economic opportunities, creating frustration and despair that make them turn to a distorting heresy of Islam for relief. Or they are the products of oppressive political regimes that limit their freedom, violate their human rights, and stifle their aspirations.

We’ve heard all these explanations for over a decade now from both the left and the right. What we haven’t seen is very much evidence that they are remotely true. History provides no evidence that America’s alleged foreign policy sins outweigh the demonstrable concrete benefits to Muslims of our actions. America never had colonies in Muslim lands, and indeed after World War II resisted French and British attempts to reassert their authority over their one-time colonies, most obviously in the Suez Crisis of 1956. Since then, the U.S. armed the Afghans and helped them drive out the Soviets, rescued Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from the psychopathic sadist Saddam Hussein, bombed Christian Serbs to rescue Muslim Kosovars and Bosnians, liberated Shiite Iraqis from Hussein, liberated Afghans from the brutal Taliban, poured billions of dollars of aid to terrorist Palestinian regimes, used our jets to help the Muslims in Libya free themselves from the psychotic Gaddafi, and supported in word and coin the jihadist, America-hating, anti-Semitic Muslim Brothers in Egypt so that Muslims can enjoy “freedom and democracy.”

And that’s not all. We have incessantly protested our respect for the wonderful Islamic faith, censored our official communications and training programs to remove any references to jihadism or the Islamic theology that justifies holy war, euphemized jihadist attacks like the Fort Hood murders as “workplace violence,” invited sketchy imams to pray in the White House, filled our schools with curricula praising Islam and its contributions to civilization, scolded and prosecuted writers or cartoonists who exercise their First Amendment right to criticize Islam, abandoned “profiling” as a technique for identifying possible terrorists trying to board a plane or enter the country, hired as advisors to the FBI, the Pentagon, and the CIA Muslim apologists who recycle blatant lies and distortions––we have done all this liberating of Muslims and flattering of them and their faith, and they still don’t like us, and they still want to kill us.

This disconnect between our alleged bad behavior and the motives of the jihadists is starkly obvious in the case of the Boston terrorists. If Chechen Muslims have a beef with anyone, it’s the Russians. When jihadist terrorism became a problem in Chechnya, there were no “hearts and minds” campaigns, no solicitous outreach, no infusions of foreign aid, no apologies for past sins, no careful adherence to the laws of war, the Geneva conventions, or human rights, no courting of imams to provide insights into the wonderfulness of Islam. The Russians employed torture, assassination, group reprisals, and in the end ringed Grozny with artillery and left it in ruins. In the two Chechen wars the Russians killed around 150,000 people. In fact, Russia has been killing Muslims since the 18th century, and occupied Muslims lands in Central Asia for 80 years under the Soviet Union. So tell me, Senator Rand Paul or Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, if our foreign policy misbehavior explains jihadist hatred, how is that two centuries of Russian violence against Muslims is ignored, and all our blood and treasure spent to liberate and help Muslims count for nothing?

No more convincing are the other rationalizations for Muslim violence. Lack of education and economic opportunity exist all over the world, but African Christians and animists, or Indian Hindus and Buddhists don’t commit acts of terrorism with anywhere near the same frequency as Muslims. Plenty of people across the globe live under oppressive dictators who routinely violate human rights, and they don’t turn to terrorism against distant strangers in response. Tibetans aren’t donning suicide vests or bombing marathons. Millions and millions of impoverished everywhere don’t kill innocent people in random attacks in countries far from their homes. Every excuse for Muslim violence collapses beneath the weight of such facts. Meanwhile, the one factor all these killers––rich or poor, educated or not, politically oppressed or otherwise––have in common, Islam, is preemptively rejected as the explanation for the violence.

This “willful blindness,” as Andy McCarthy calls, has become dangerous. It reflects the arrogance of secular materialism, which has discounted religion as a mere life-style choice, usually benign––unless you’re talking about gun-toting, racist, misogynist, homophobic evangelical Christians, or racist, land-grabbing Zionist Jews. No, it’s about psychological trauma caused by globalization, or Islamophobia, or insensitive insults to Mohammed, or Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, or anything and everything other than the numerous passages in the Koran, hadiths, and 14 centuries of Islamic jurisprudence and theology, which clearly and consistently set out the doctrine of violent jihad against infidels.

So expect in the coming weeks the same old commentary about foreign-policy blowback, or two-bit psychological analyses of personal trauma, or Israel’s sins and Bush’s wars, or American intolerance and xenophobia, or our need to “reach out” and “engage” and “respect” and “understand” the fanatics who don’t want our outreach, tolerance, or respect, but our deaths. In short, expect more public reasons for the jihadists to believe we are weak and corrupt and thus deserving to die.

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  1. It’s all very strange that there are still some people who are looking for a motive for why thoses guys commited that cruel, brutal ansd murderous terrorist bombing in Boston, They need to wake to reality and come out of denial. For the answer is that these guys were engaging in the vicious and heinous militant jihadism of Islam. For example, in Sura 47 of the Quran is found the teaching “When ever you encounter the unbelievers strike off the heads untill you make a great slaughter among them…” A bomb may possibly make a greater “slaughter among them” then a sword can. This is just one of many places in the Quran that teach violence and killing. Nevertheless there are,in spite of all the facts,stil have the gall the call Islam “a peaceful religion.” Well, April fool on them. For they are fools.

  2. “Future security measures must focus more on identifying and intercepting likely terrorists,” says the Australian. So wise, eh? How can we identify and intercept eight-year-old children, or as-yet-unborn children?
    The Australian has put its toe into the cold water of reality. It still has a long, long way to go.

  3. They think about it all the time. Would a normal person think of way to kill as many people as possible in a spectacular fashion such as blowing up a railway bridge connecting USA to Canada with a train on it.
    Oh I forgot. They also think a lot about the fate of the poor fakestinians(EG.Arafat was Egyptian) who are being genocided by Israel despite the fact that they are well supplied by Israel. Their numbers are growing and they are 7th in obesity by world ranking.

  4. I do not fear Muslim terrorists as they are what they say they are. And are honest about their intentions towards killing kaffirs and destroying the West.

    Every act of violence against the West only goes to awaken more of the sleeping West to the Muslim pest and the hate they feel towards non-Muslims that Islam openly preaches which will eventually result in a major push back…and political winds change. What is tolerated now through Multi-culti rubbish and the current apologist modus operandi will not be tolerated in the future.

    Currently, I have a greater problem with the so called “moderate” Muslims in the West who infect us with their shitty ideology, cultural retardation (habits/practices) and mental arrested development. From having hysterics about seeing ceramic pigs in the window or in a shop. Muslim only swim, halal, their shitty ‘hate the west’ signs and a plethora of other additional obnoxious and petty examples. Matched only by their aggression, misogyny, violence, rape and murder that is focused towards the indigenous population.

  5. As far as islam being a religion goes, it’s not one (at all, much less one “of peace”) it’s only idolatry, and that means an excuse to remain irresponsibly wrong, as a cover for one’s crimes of extortion; i.e:

    “I didn’t do it – ONLY The Allah Made Me Do It!”

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