Who will feed them when we’re gone?

Obama People:

“Whites… will soon be wiped from the earth…”


 Karon Wright is not some kind of kooky crackpot. For more than 20 years Hussein Obama sat in a pulpit of a ‘church’ that teaches BLT.  (Black Liberation Theology seeks the annihilation of the white race, in case you missed it. The MSM won’t tell you that.)

It isn’t easy for a black female to get fired from any job in this country, much less a job in education. For Karon Wright, a school counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie, Texas, it took putting this on her Facebook page following the tragic explosion in nearby West:

“My Facebook account was hacked…”

Give it another few years and people will be so used to it they won’t even get angry anymore, so educrats will let stuff like this slide. After all, the sentiments expressed are politically correct.–  School Counselor Gloats Over Dead of West, Texas, thanks to Moonbattery

From the same sewer:

 If the bombing turns out to be faith-based, remember that it’s unfair to blame other Muslims for the attack — just as it’s unfair to blame other Christians when a few commit abortion clinic murders. (Saturday Gazette-Mail)

So the left got their white male bombers. What now?

3 Dumb Lefty Narratives About the Muslim Boston Bombings | FrontPage Magazine

Until recently the lefties were holding out hope for a white male bomber. Anything but a Muslim. Now that he is a Muslim the spinners are frantically trying to spin the story in a politically correct direction. .

6 thoughts on “Who will feed them when we’re gone?”

  1. At least Trioli from our ABC TV only dismisses Boston bombing victims (incl. little 8 y.o. boy) as “rich white people in the West” – that black racist above is a little more direct.

    This morning on Ch.10, “Meet the press”, they not ONCE mentioned the bombing victims, and repeatedly called the muslim bombers “2 disenfranchised young BOYS”…and (marginalised young boys). I still feel sick. We expect this from our islamophile ABC, but now the commercial channels also get into the Sharia groove….DISGUSTING

  2. What I find the most interesting is that the ‘Blacks’ do a pretty good job of liquidating each other.. Whether it be in the good Ol’ US of A or Africa they meet out the most barbaric violence you can imagine oh and lets not forget the representative minority of Sudanese in Melbourne that make up the majority of sex attacks and physical violence..

    Karen White you sound bitter even Michael Jackson was embarrassed to be black..

    Not one prosperous, enlightened or progressive black run and owned country in the World. Unless it has buckets of white mans money thrown into it it’s just another wasted opportunity..

  3. Ahhh, the good old, I’ve been hacked excuse.

    She forgot that “whites” can read FB too and the anti-white hate she can state to her friends in private conversation can have a devastating affect when one writes those feelings of articulated hate on an online open accessible source.

    Whites wiped from the earth? Well there’s gratitude for you. Karon must be referring to all those whites who fought and died to end slavery and desegregation. But, what do you expect from a low information voter who would vote for the party of the KKK.

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  5. @Uncle Vladdi,

    Thanks for the work around, but by email do you mean Contact the Sheik?

    Thanks for your help.


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