Why do we allow them to return?

 “Australians” answer the Syria jihad call

IT is disturbing that at least 200 dual Australian nationals are fighting in Syria, many with the al-Qa’ida-allied al-Nusra Front, the dominant jihadist force in the rebel coalition seeking to depose the monstrous Assad dictatorship.– More extremism jihad at The Australian

“Australian” excremists in Syria 

Agencies such as ASIO fear that Australians drawn to the fighting will become increasingly radicalised. They also worry fighters will return equipped with skills, training and combat experience, as well as a potential network of contacts. —The Australian (thanks to mullah)

Chechnya’s thug-in Chief Ramzan Kadyrov knows how to handle it:

 “They represent neither our people, nor our religion,” Kadyrov said.  Chechen fighters in Syria would be “personally hunted down” if they decide to return to Chechnya.

He’s done it before….

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  1. The “monstrous Assad dictatorship” will seem like paradise compared to what will most likely follow should the bearded savages take over

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