11-year old gang-raped by Muselmaniacs in Luton School Toilets

posted by Kev Carroll, the leader of the English Defence League, on Facebook:

Child Gang-Raped by Muslims in Luton School Toilets

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A year 7 [equivalent to 6th grade; probably 11-12 years old] child in Luton Town has been gang-raped by Moslems in the toilets whilst at school.

The authorities have been desperately trying to keep it secret for fear of massive unrest by Lutonians and the EDL.

Well, it’s too late….

3 thoughts on “11-year old gang-raped by Muselmaniacs in Luton School Toilets”

  1. Of course “the authorities” have been trying to keep it hushed up! They are racists, whose permanent narrative concerning moslems is that they can do no wrong (the underlying implication being, because the “swarthy” moslems are mentally inferior, and so can never be held to be intelligent enough to warrant being held responsible for their own otherwise criminal actions)!

    Check out Andrew Klavan’s take on the media here:


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