3 Huge Scandals: Obama’s Outrageous Abuse of Power

Obama Administration Under Siege From 3 Huge Scandals: Here’s Why It Could All Come Crashing Down


Outrageous Abuse of Power

Schumer, you bastard!

Franklin Graham: Obama IRS Targeted Us Too… After We Spoke Out Against Obama

Last year Franklin Graham said he could not “categorically deny’ Barack Obama was a Muslim. It wasn’t the first time Graham attacked Barack Obama – and it cost him.



• WaPo gives Obama 4 “Pinocchios”   (Obama Claim is taking ‘Revisionist History too far’)
• Prez calls it a “sideshow
• Geraldo sources: It’s about gun-running

IRS scandal:

• See the letter sent to one Tea Party group
• New report suggests Washington involved
• IRS released confidential info last year
• Flashback: Blaze reported a year ago

DOJ vs. AP:

• Gov’t seizes AP phone records
• Report: Holder had to sign off–Comments »


Obama Betrays Media Lapdogs: Secretly, Illegally Obtained Records of Journalists

Pamela Geller

Ha! Obama’s lapdog media is shocked (shocked, I tell ya) to have been betrayed by the most dangerous man who ever sat in the Oval Office. They were stunned to find that they were not immune to Obama’s now trademark abuse of power. Did they really think that just because they carried his water and covered up his failures, ignored real news stories that made him look bad, and attacked his adversaries, that they wouldn’t suffer the same gross injustices as the rest of us?

I, for one, am laughing at these tools. Lord knows what Obama got off those phone records. But a good many AP tools must be quaking in their boots. Impeachable offense? For sure — but not any more than Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Obama OBL NAVY SEAL leak, etc.

That the WaPo is still polishing O’s knob indicates how beyond help these lovesick puppies are. Check out the WaPo headline:US secretly obtained records of journalists. Not “US” WaPo collaborators, Obama. Do these dupes still think they are immune?

Under sweeping subpoenas, Justice Department obtained AP phone records in leak investigation, Washington Post, May 15, 2013

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